Friday, March 16, 2012

Castles In The Air

I like Fridays. End of the work week. After work I have a dinner date with Nancie. Then I can sleep in. Fridays are like castles in the air:

Before the weekend starts I have to deal with a few tax returns and people trying to deduct some weird things:

A while back we talked mantyhouse. Today it is pantihose.

Comment Away and then go out and have a great Friday!


Pat said...

Some amazing castles there!

Why not deduct the pigeons if that's your means of communication? In fact, I'd allow a lot of these, but that's just me. I suppose the IRS would disagree. Not sure about the pole dancing one, though. Or Spanx or Evian. But worth a shot, I guess.

Freezing your pantyhose? Interesting, and if I still wore the darned things, I'd try it.

Lady DR said...

Lots of neat castles, one or two I might like as residences, if I had a few million and a large staff (wry s).

Geez, looking at the crazy deductions (and the ones that passed), maybe I shouldn't be so nervous about the ones I take (BG)

Pantyhose? People still wear these, right? Well, of course politicians and high-clout business women, who wear skirts, I suppose. Thank the gods, I no longer own a pair of them, far as I know.

Mary said...

I have thought for a long time that tax pros should be able to deduct caffeine and alcohol as business-related expenses!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Would't it be fun to live in one of those castles, even if just for a week?

There is a famous court case where an exotic dancer was allowed to deduct breast implants because it increase her income.

I had read another article about putting things inside of the pantyhose and then put them in the fridge and it will keep the items fresh they were food items.


William J. said...


Remember a long time ago when section 16 was talking about forming a commune? One of those castles would be a perfect place to start one!

You shouldn't be nervous at all doing your tax return. First, the tax return should be your first often in a series of negotiations. Second, the worst than can happen is free health care, color TV, and conjugal visits.

I don't own a pair of pantyhose either.


William J. said...


Of course I agree with you. And if we kill a client, it should automatically be considered justifiable homicide.