Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boring Tuesday.

Tuesday is always the nothing day of the week. Monday it is back to work. Wednesday is Hump Day. Thursday is Over The Hump Day. Friday is the start to the weekend. But what is Tuesday? Nothing. A boring day. So going with the flow today we are doing boring articles. Well, maybe to some but they were interesting to me.

Dumb criminals, boring?


Weather, boring?


Firing your dad stories, boring?


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Dumb criminals! One of my faves! Not boring. {g}

I have generally found weather boring, since we have so little of it in SoCA. But lately, what with climate changes, it's becoming downright interesting at times. Now if we could just figure out how to make the changes suit our purposes...

Firing your dad must be really hard. I'm glad dad is enjoying his forced unemployment. Just think what their relationship might have been like if the company had tanked after the firing. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Lady DR said...

Geez, they've changed the blog site again. I really did like the comments at the side better than all the scrolling up and down. Grump.

Interesting articles yesterday and today. I've always admired Franklin and glad she'll be doing another article. I'd seen something about Cameron and the fact that this new diving venture may be the basis for his next film, in some way.

The weather this year has been basically nuts everywhere, from folks I've talked to. Maybe not yours, Pat, but all across the north and even down in the southeast regions. Our yard is four to six weeks ahead of schedule, in terms of blooms and blossoms and buds. Himself had to do the first mow last week, waaaay ahead of schedule, and my brother in IL moved on Saturday, which is unheard of.

The dad must be a pretty special kind of guy, with a lot of insight, to understand it was time for him to step down and not continue the issue of crossed signals. He also must have a great deal of faith in his son.

Pat said...

They certainly are enjoying playing around with the comments section. Seems like every couple of days it looks different. They don't even give us a chance to get used to the new format before they start changing it again. Hope they're having fun.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I guess dumb criminals aren't that boring! But they certainly are head shakers!

Whether in So. Cal is kind of borin but it sure isn't here when on the first day of spring there is two inches of snow on the ground. The latest snowfall in the history of our burg. I would love to be the one that discovers how to make the changes in weather serve our purpose. That would be worth as much as the 456 million lottery on Friday.

I like the dad story because both the dad and the son remained friends. If the company would have tanked after the dad firing I don't think that would have happened.


William J. said...


I also preferred the comments on the side because it was easier to read and respond. I guess Google and Facebook think they have to change things everyday. It is damn annoying.

Franklin has always been one of my favorites but Cameron hasn't. His movies are just way to long. And his ego is bigger than his movies.

The weather has been nuts, certainly here it has been. We have flowers blooming early and snow falling late.

The dad is an amazing man that no doubt loves his son. How hard is to understand it is time to retire.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Google is driving me nuts!