Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update

Happy Sunday. I hope you remembered to move your clocks forward one hour. If not do so now.

An update from Kaye. Her boyfriend had brain surgery last week, This is pretty good news:

"Dave's surgery's went as planned and he is doing very well. They discharged him yesterday and he is home. He's a little weak, but otherwise very good. Still has some difficulty reading, but that improves a little each day. He can spell out a word, just can't always pronounce it. His memory is intact and his conversational skills are great. He finally slept the whole nite last night.... he never got more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep at the hospital. His incision was longer than I expected, but no bruising! Doctor's are amazing in what they can do now. "

My update.

Did three nights last week at Mom's besides working because the caregiver was ill. I did find out that when I stay there a night when I have to go to work the next day it really makes the mornings difficult and rushed.

I am doing well at work. The male boss was surprised when I told him how many returns I had already done. In a month? That was his response. Truth is I have done more than I told him because I have four or five returns pretty much done but waiting for one item.

Didn't really have time to do anything for me last week except yesterday when I went to a movie, This Means War. It was OK, I had a free ticket and that made it better.

Next Week:

No overnights at Mom's. Thursday night there and Saturday day there. Piece of cake. At work, a lot of freaking work. That is it for next week.

The blog is now yours. Update me on your life. Tell me if you have friends or relatives that need prayers and/or good vibes. Got anything exciting


Pat said...

Did some clocks last night. Haven't done all, and haven't even thought about the watches. Will do that as I wear them, I suppose. But the main ones are set, as are the automatic ones. My computer is correct, bless its heart.

I'm glad to hear good news about Dave. Hope he's back to normal soonest!

I can only imagine how rushed it seems to get ready for work at someone's house other than your own. Even with how familiar you are with your mom's. And good for you for being ahead of the game. Maybe you should downplay how much you have done, or they'll expect that kind of speed as a routine thing. And lots of freaking work is a given at this time of year, so try to relax and go with it and don't set any speed records. It's still only March. I say that with a little guilt as I haven't done any organizing of tax records myself as yet.

Let's see... I could use some good vibes for a friend who just got out of rehab. She is used to being active, but now needs a walker, so I hope that situation changes soon. I could probably stand a vibe or two myself, even though I'm doing well. I'm feeling good, back to work part time at the used bookstore and picking up more activities plus readying VERY old records for a commercial shredding service. I had LOTS of them stashed away, more than I realized. I really need to pause that activity and get onto tax stuff so as not to be totally last-minute about it all.

Lady DR said...

Did the clocks this morning. One or two to go.

Great news from Kaye. Please tell her I'm keeping them both in my prayers and hoping for rapid recover, as it seems he faces two more procedures. Thanks for sharing.

Good job at work but, as Pat says, don't let know how much you can do or you'll be doing more (wry s). Glad you've got a quiet week with mom.

Did routine stuff most of the week. Did have a massage. Finished the editorial project Friday. Ran the numbers for 2011 and loaded the tax program and made a start, but with the refinance and a couple other things, need to dig out additional paperwork. Scamp's training is coming along well, Spook not so much. Sigh. My concealed carry permit arrived yesterday, so I'm all legal to be a pistol-packin'-Mama (grin). Line dance group was the opening "act" at the Irish Festival today and we did good and had fun and the weather was gorgeous, particularly considering it's March.

Next week I get serious about researching self-publishing. OLLI called and said they want a budget for the project. As if I have a clue! Himself says grants can be kinda dartboard figures. This is good, as it's the best I can do right now.

Could use prayers and positive thoughts for my friend Nancy, the one people think is my sister. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two weeks ago, they did surgery on ovaries and colon almost immediately, were unable to get it all and hope to get the rest with chemo. She's staying with her daughter, as the rehab center they sent her to was grim, at best and her daughter said, "Mom, you are NOT staying here!" We were all kind of blindsided, as Nancy is healthy, active and the one always doing for others and, of course, ovarian cancer doesn't show symptoms, until it's pretty much full blown.

Pat, have been keeping your friend Ruth in my prayers and will continue to do so. You, of course, are always in my thoughts and prayers.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Prayers and good vibes to your friend. And to you, I always have you in mine.

The comptuer and the cell phone set themselves. Thank goodness. So do the TV.

I really hadn't noticed how hard it was to get ready for work at someone else's until this week. Fortunately I don't have to do it this week. Because of the bonus agreement the more I do the more I get paid. I am on a mission to do one hundred returns which would be a firm record. And it would be a real record since the male boss says, "we give you and Barbara all the hard ones."


William J. said...


The next important date for Kaye is the 15TH for the follow-up appointment.

I am on a mission at work to set a goal.

Glad you fit in time for a massage. And yea for finishing the editiorial project! And good for you for starting on your taxes! Spook is probably jealous of the attention Scamp is getting and is fighting back. Yea to being legal! Would love to see pictures of the Irish Festival.

If they asked for a budge they obviously have an interest in you and the project.

Of cour Nancy has all my prayers and good vibes.