Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday!

Home from Mom's and getting ready to go to work but thought I would post a short entry for today. Before a couple of links just thought I would say that after my two days there Mom she is the best she has been since the start of the year. I kept it light and low pressure. We went out a couple of times (she normally only gets out if I take her) and everywhere we went the waitresses treated her like a star.

First up today is movie recommendations:

Now the good C.E.O.:

Now before heading of to work, I think the blog is going to the birds. Big Bird.

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Pat said...

So glad to hear your mom is doing so well. You are a tonic for her, obviously.

Interesting take on the Oscars, and of course he's right about their value in the insular world of "the biz". I doubt many of the viewing public care much about who won or lost, but of course everyone is swayed by how much publicity they are bombarded with, so nominees/winners get more audience. This list of films is a good one. Don't know how many will seek these films out, but with no publicity they would no doubt be totally overlooked.

"Good" CEO? I'd say this guy is GREAT. :-) I love it when people realize that a few million bucks is really enough money and are prepared to share overage with people whose lives can really be changed by it. It happens rather seldom, as far as I know.

So we waited 26 million years to hear of the giant penguin? That's a pretty darned long wait, but I'm happy they found evidence of it at last. {g}

Lady DR said...

Good, great, news on Mom. She always seems to do better with long term exposure to you (no pressure, of course - wry s)Good that you get her out and about for social times.

I honestly don't know that I've ever seen an Indie film, but a couple of these look intriguing.

Kudos to the CEO! I have no idea how many employees will benefit, but I suspect the bonus money will mean a lot to most of them. And I suspect they'll follow him to the ends of the earth, in terms of loyalty. Would that others in his position might follow his example.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think it is different parenting styles with Mom. And yes we do become their parent. My stlyle is if you think you can do it feel free and if you don't succeed I then will pick up the pieces. Almost always Mom does it. Then she feels pretty good about herself. She looked the best when I left then has for a long time. The other parenting style is don't you dare do that because I don't want to see you hurt. Protective and in some cases better but it sure knocks the confidence out of Mom. It isn't a case of one style being better than the other, it is just a case of them being different.

No doubt we are swayed by the publicity put out by movies as the Oscars near. I think that is how a movie like Extremely Loud and Incredibly close goes from an also run to a nominee. I doubt if anyone but the true movie buffs will seek out any of these films.

The CEO gets it. He has enough money to give him everthing he wants and not he is going to share it with those in need. And you know what? He will probably make more money because of it. The employees will be loyal and work harder and produce more.

I wonder where the giant penguin was when I needed him.


William J. said...


I think getting out also helps mom because of the interaction with others.

I don't watch a lot of indie films but everyone once in a while I see one and am happy I did.

Even if it is five employees that shows an unselfish spirit of the the CEO. And I agree with you the loyalty he created will last forever.