Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking Away

After tax season I may take a break and go on a mini-vacation. I haven't used my suitcases for a long time. I might check them before the end of tax season:

I like people that try to bring a little light into others' lives:

Except for lunch hour I don't really take morning or afternoon breaks at work. Not fifteen minute ones but little ones, yes. Are breaks a good idea:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

What an amazing find in that suitcase! Definitely the best $5 expenditure I've heard of!

I'm sure the late-night UFO people that I sometimes let put me to sleep via radio will have an explanation for the Phoenix light. I know they've talked about previous ones.

I don't know much about breaks, because most of my work was varied and involved getting up and moving around anyway. At least until we switched to computers--then there was more unrelieved sitting. So I'd weigh in on behalf of breaks, and if your job doesn't allow you to take them when you need/want them, there should be a rule or a bell rung or something. My $0.02.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I would spend five bucks to find something like that in any suitcase.

I used to listen to the late night UFO people but I got addicted to a remote control and my radio doesn't have one. Let me know what they say.

All my career after college involved sitting jobs. And most of the time I just never took breaks unless there was a birthday celebration are something like that. I think ringing a bell at break time is a genius idea!