Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Health Day.

Before today's post we need prayers for Adi, who posts here as Snugpug. Her husband is in the hospital with a serious illness he is improving but prayers and good vibes would be appreciated.

Today we are doing health. First up is a new challenge for teenagers that my be harming their health:


Boy I don't know, cinnamon is good in short supply so I would avoid this challenge at all costs and would hope my nieces and nephews do the same.

A surprising link to Type-2 Diabetes:


I remember going to a dietician with Mom's diabetes and the rule was stay away from anything white. White bread, for example. This study kind of confirms what was expected several years ago.

Next up is a warning for women:


I don't have a purse so I will leave the comments to you.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

The cinnamon challenge is a new one on me! Can't imagine why anyone would do this, but that's probably because I'm old. These kids will jump onto the oddest bandwagons! Sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon on the grounds before making coffee, and it's good on toast with sugar and in/on a few other things, but a spoonful? Nah, I don't think so!

I think until a lot more information, I'd ignore the white rice/diabetes connection. But I don't consume that much of it, so am not in any danger on that score.

The purse information is something I don't even want to think about, but a real pet peeve about some public bathrooms is when they have no place to hang a purse. Other than that, I will ignore all this advice, too. If it hasn't killed me yet, it probably won't. I do try to lighten the load my purse carries, esp. if I'm going to be walking around. And I carry one that can be converted to a waist pack if it gets to be too much for my shoulder at any given time.

Lady DR said...

Please pass on my prayers to Snugpub, for her and her husband and let her know I'll keep her in prayer and thoughts.

Cinnamon? Who knew? On toast, a touch added to anything chocolate, I'm going to try Pat's idea with coffee, but a teaspoonful at a time. Shudder! I guess kids always thing they're invincible. Sigh.

The white rice I'm not going to lose any sleep over, although it does go with the "avoid whites" idea for diabetics. We rarely use white rice, usually the wild rice mixture or jasmine. Have tried brown rice and, while I know it's good for you, we just can't get excited about it.

Purses - I generally try to avoid putting mine on the floor anywhere - hang it over the stall door, if there's no hook, put it on the chair beside me in a restaurant, but I'm sure they pick up bacteria. (Then again, so do the pants that sit on public seating of any sort.) I do NOT put my purse on tables or counters. Fabric purses can be washed, but I don't see me going so far as to wipe down all the contents. Yeah, I could probably lighten my load and it would be good for me, but there's so much "stuff" I might "need..." IF I'm doing a flea market or hamfest or such, I have two large fanny packs I can use. Still, mostly, I want a stuffable purse.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I like cinnamon in my coffee, on my pancakes, and on toast. And on cinnamon rolls. But all in small quantaties. I can imagine anyone taking the cinnamon challange, it really makes you wonder about young minds.

I pretty much stay away from anything white. And I never have like white rice to begin with. But I will wait for more information.

You would think all public places would have a purse hook. But I get upset when public places don't have a place to hang my coat. Cool purse that can be converted to a waist pack!


William J. said...


I will pass on your wishes to Snug.

I never even thought of adding cinnamon to chocolate now I think I will try that. Kids should put their mind energy towards good things instead of self-destruction challenges.

I avoid white rice just for the reason you stated. All white things. I actually like brown rice!

I never thought of the pants picking up germs, now I am going to have to eat standing up.