Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Snowy Commute.

I think I will be late to work this morning. A couple of inches of snow on the ground. The way the fools drive here it is best to stay home until the snow melts.

This will be the last post until Saturday at the earliest and Sunday at the latest. Tonight is at Mom's, tomorrow and Saturday my friend Mark (the one that lost his wife) is visiting to go over his taxes and estate. He really deserves more of my attention than the blog. I know all of you understand.

On to the post, starting with a question. Is the following real or a hoax:

On to good health news:

Time for me to quit talking and start preparing for an ugly commute.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Never apologize for taking a day or two off, Bill! Of course Mark is more important than the blog. We'll all live, perhaps wallowing in disappointment (joke!), but surviving.

Can't tell if the flying thing is a hoax. My guess is that the flying is reasonable, but the takeoff is probably not. Do I care? No.

I saw the stuff about predicting heart attacks in the paper this morning. It's very good news, and I hope the research holds up and that testing is not terribly expensive. As usual, it looks like a long time before this will be of any practical use.

I don't text (nobody to text with on any consistent basis), but I have to say I love email far more than I love the telephone. In fact, I'll do a lot to avoid talking on the phone most of the time. Interesting that heavy texters are also the heavy talkers. I guess they think the world will end if they are alone with their thoughts. OTOH, I do remember as a teen parking on the phone for hours on end, until I was dragged off of it by a parental unit. I guess anything that will cut down on loud conversations in places like the supermarket is a good thing, so text away, kids. Just not in the car.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The last time Mark was her it really was kind of depressing so I do hope he has moved on a little, it has been over a year now and while I don't expect him to ever forget his wife, I do expecthim to start living his.

I actually think the flying is a hoak.

I also hold the research holds up re the heart attacks but I am not so sure they will make the cost reasonable, I just don't trust them with money decisions.

I think since I had my cell phone I've probably sent five texts. I never liked talking on the phone either and still don't. I wasn't one of those teens that just didn't talk on the phone. I pray that the texting in cars stops for everyone.


Lady DR said...

Whoa, thought you wouldn't be here yesterday, so didn't check in. Glad you'll be able to spend some time with Mark. Please let us know how he's doing. He's still in my prayers.

When I looked at the flying video just now, there was a video at the type where he apparently admitted it was a hoax, although I don't speak Dutch, so can say for sure. Like Pat, I could care less.

The heart study research is very encouraging. We've know two people who passed cardio and stress tests with flying colors and died of a heart attack within a week, so I'm hoping the research will progress and prove to be a good preventative measure.

I know a lot of kids are texting. I know many parents who are learning to text, rather than verbally communicating. I'm not there yet. Like Pat, I often prefer email to the telephone. Unlike Pat, I did not spend a great deal of time on the phone, as we were on a seven-party line. Not only could you not tie up the line, you never knew who might be listening to your conversation!

Lady DR said...

PS - I hope your commute yesterday wasn't to awful!

William J. said...


Once you got to the main roads the commute wasn't to bad on Thursday but getting to the main roads were a little dicey.

There is no rule that says you have to post comments on the same day as the post. Shoot if you remember a post from a month ago and want to post go ahead. I am just really appreciative whenever you post.

I had dinner with Mark last night. Will post an update about him and Snug. Mark & I are taking Mom to lunch then going back to her place to go over his estate.

Yup there was an update the next day where the guy admitted to it being a hoax.

I've known people that run a race and a week later had heart attacks. I hope the research progresses and does so quickly.

I remember party lines. I had forgotten them until you mentioned them. We had them in Pocatello, Idaho. You didn't know who was listening. And sometimes there was person you knew on the line and there was a conversation between you.

In a work enviornment I prefer e-mail because there is proof that you did or didn't see a document.