Monday, March 19, 2012


Today we are doing firestorms.

Here is the resignation letter that caused an Internet firestorm of epic proportions:

Here is an article that should cause a firestorm:

After reading the above articles and thinking about the contents I have to sleep on it for a while:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

That Goldman guy sure let them have it. Will they listen? Change anything? Remains to be seen. I haven't followed this, but I imagine right now they are tap-dancing and trying to say he's full of it.

The medical marijuana story is infuriating. I'm sure that UCSF could manage to find a place in their smoke-free campus where they could isolate smoke from people who really needed it. UCSF Med School has, off and on, had some real weirdos, as I remember from waaay back in the sixties when I worked in medicine. So apparently nothing has changed over these 40-some years and they are still making uninformed and mean decisions.

LOVE the nap shots! Oh, if we older folks could sleep like that! Well, once in a while, we can, but then there are those other nights...

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The Goldman guy has my respect and yes they are trying to say he is full of it.

I actually agree with you about medical marijuana story. There had to be away not to harm the patient.

I also love the nap shots!! I can't pick a favorite. Like you I wish I could sleep better.


Lady DR said...

Ironically, on one of the LinkenIn groups I'm in, one of the writers featured this guy on his blog today, considering him one of the unknown heroes of today, because he was willing to walk away and then tell the truth about the culture and attitude.

I'm appalled at the article on the medical marijuana issue. Particularly as it seems UCSF is doing research on the benefits? The woman is dying. Her doctor has prescribed marijuana as a means to make it as painless as possible and they're concerned about second hand smoke (as I read it)? I agree with Pat - surely there's some way way to isolate patients who have proven to benefit from the treatment.

The nap shots are adorable.

William J. said...


He has become an Internet sensation. Many think he burned his bridges but I think his honesty will land him a job. Or a book deal.

That makes three of us that are appalled at the marijuana article.
Second hand smoke takes a back seat to research and painless living for cancer victims. There just has to be a better way.

The nap shots make me smile.