Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Good parent number 1:

Good parent number 2:

What parents should be concerned about:

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Pat said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...
Not for me! News of unusual shark attacks would keep me sitting on the sand working on my tan! Definitely a good parent there, though. As is the second one. It has to be hard to turn in your own kid.

Off to brush my teeth again now! {g}

Lady DR said...

Interesting articles, Bill, as usual. Shark attacks happen, especially in FL, and there have been times when they've closed beaches for a few days, if sharks are prevalent. Good for the Mom!
I can't imagine how the father must have felt, seeing his son on the security tape. I give him a lot of credit for encouraging the boy to surrender and take responsibility for his actions. It all had to be very difficult for him.

As to the oral hygiene... yes, it can lead to serious issues. A neighbor's husband hadn't seen a dentist in years. He had some sort of heart problem, which was eventually diagnosed as an infection of the heart and led to his death. They traced the infection back to an infection of the gums and mouth tissues.

I developed severe periodontal problems, resulting in the loss of two teeth, from not seeing a dentist regularly - I would have a severe panic attack (before I knew what was happening, what they were), be literally dysfunctional and call and cancel the app't. When it couldn't be avoided, the dentist recognized what was happening and gave me some sort of tranquilizer to take before the app't. I don't floss, but we have a water pik with enough power to take paint off walls and we use that regularly.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

They have had a few shark sitings on the Oregon coast. I'm with you I have no dying need to go swimming with sharks.

I think turning a child in would be harder than swimming with sharks. I do think the dad did the right thing.

I brushed my teeth twice this morning!


William J. said...


It always surprises me that the have to close beaches, that people wouldn't take a clue from the shark sitings and stay away on their own. The Mom's actions just show how strong a mother's love is.

The dad turning his son in also shows a father's love. Letting get away with it would have an impact on him for the rest of his life and negative impact at that. Turning him in is a lesson for the son that will have a positive impact for him and may be a major teaching point for when he becomes a parent.

I need to pay more attention to my teeth and now that I am insured that is going to become high priority after tax season.

What a painful lesson for you.

I do floss but not often enough. And toothpicks my dentist suggested.