Friday, March 2, 2012

Death & Taxes

Nothing to controversial today, just death with dignity and taxes. But let's start the day with good news:

Now the IRS horror story:

It is kind of sad but the woman could have solved her problem early on by doing something that takes less that five minutes. Send the IRS an address form. Or she could have included form 8822 (change of address) when she filed her tax return. This is a lesson for all of you, if you change your address (even if you move across the street) file form 8822 with the next tax return you file. It could save you a ton of misery in the future.

From taxes to death with dignity. Oregon has a death with dignity law that allows you to legally commit suicide if you have a terminal disease. I think if it was discovered that I was dying, rather than let my family watch me decline or watch myself decline I might seriously consider using the death with dignity law, You?

The following article deals with death with dignity. It is a story of an advisor now facing the toughest decision a soul can make:

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Pat said...

So interesting about amantidine. I was given it once years ago by my gynecologist because I was showing the first symptoms of a cold. It worked like magic, and the cold never really materialized. Since then I have tried to keep some around, since you need it right when symptoms first appear or it'll be too late for it to work. I couldn't get the whole article, though. Just the first paragraph and part of the second. Enough to get the gist.

And scary about the IRS audits. I recently got a frightening letter from the IRS having to do with my inheritance of my mom's trust. While I was in panic mode, Mark (your friend and my CPA) calmly explained their error to me and drafted me a letter to send to them pointing it out. Whew! It's terrifying to see that IRS return address on an envelope, even if you know you've been honest with your taxes.

I envy you your "death with dignity" law. I wish CA had something similar. I would most definitely consider it if/when I reach a point where life is no longer worth living. In fact, law or no law, if that time comes, I WILL consider it. But only if there's a way to accomplish it that doesn't involve people I love. I wouldn't want them to help me and then spend years in prison.

Lady DR said...

Great news on the possibility of a relatively common medication helping with brain injuries and the results.

The IRS story is one reason everyone trembles, when they sign their taxes. I've been through two audits, both of which ended up in my favor, but the time and mental/emotional trauma were not pleasant. Yes, the first woman could have solved her problem with a single form, but the other folks... not so much, from what I read.

I think Death with Dignity should be anyone's choice to make and I'm glad OR has the option. Wish more states had such. In some states, like FL, it's hard to achieve that, even with medical directives and a living will, as we found with a friend of ours. I do not want to "linger on" when my quality of life is next to nil. I do not want my family enduring financial difficulties, even bankruptcy, to keep me alive, when I can contribute nothing to them and am enduring, rather than enjoying. I would definitely use the Death with Dignity law, if I had the option.

As to yesterday's lost post... I used to copy all my posts to the notepad, before hitting publish. However, so long as the identity says "sign out," there's rarely a problem. Guess I'll go back to making copies, before pushing "Publish."

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Interesting that you took it so long ago and it worked so well. Why didn't they continue to research it back then? Sorry you couldn't get the whole article but glad you got enough of it.

The sad thing about IRS notices is that they scare people so much that people will pay the tax due on the notice even though they don't owe it. Mark has almost as much success with the IRS that I do. He would have been a good partner for me if only I would have known him when I first thought about selling my business.

Oregon takes a lot of heat because you can't pump your own gas but you can kill yourself. I personally like both laws. If I did assisted suicide I would do it in such a way it wouldn't harm my family.


William J. said...


Glad you were able to post today! I missed your post yesterday.

I wonder how many other common medications out there could solve other things then what they were intended for.

See I see the IRS story as a teaching point. Nothing would have happened if she would have taken the inititive early on and filed an address change. Non response is the surest way to piss off the IRS, they don't know why you aren't responding so they assume the worst. I also think the is the time of year that IRS horror stories are numerous to scare people into filing their tax returns.

I actually think Death With Dignity should be national but it never will be. I am with you lingering on isn't quality of life and that will be the deciding factor for me, am I enjoying life? If the answer is no and there is no hope for improvement, I am out of here.