Sunday, March 3, 2013


My Update.

Things are going well at work. I am even faster than last year. There may be a small chance to work during the year.

Mom is doing well but truthfully not as well as she does when I am involved. Sister still looks at it as a burden, I've reached the state where I know I'm not going to have Mom that long so I view as a joy to spend time with her. I'm also a lot less controlling than the others involved in her car. She feels free to do things when I am there and it makes her feel more valuable. When the others are there they won't let her do things, they even get a little upset if she gets out of bed by herself. For me the more she can do for herself the better. For me. For her.

Last week. Monday my retirement party. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday work. Thursday night dinner with the troops and at Mom's until eight thirty. Friday pay day and work. Saturday mom's for lunch and dinner. To do list attacking.

This week. Monday through Thursday work. Thursday taking mom to dinner and staying until the aide gets there. Friday work. Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner at Mom's.

Now it is your turn. Report in.


Lady DR said...

Glad things are going well at work. More about your party, please? Sorry Mom doesn't do as well with the others, but your comments show why. Among other things, "do not make the patient more of an invalid than he/she is." I think few people recognize what a toll forced loss of independence takes on those who are ill or elderly. Adding to that doesn't help, IMHO.

Restless, scattered week. Monday they delivered the new night stands. Tuesday they delivered the replacement mattress and lower profile foundations. Scamp can once again get on the bed. Some time on the book, as proof arrived. Need to re-do back cover copy. Dug through patterns and fabric, picked up a couple lengths of semi-stretch denims. Looks like the only way I'll get anything resembling jeans is to make them myself. Been so long since I've done any sewing, will have to read and follow instructions again. Pulled three Danskin walking suits out of closet, bit the bullet and engineered alterations, which extended wardrobe options, even if not jeans. Scamper to groomer. MM here and it'll be the last time. I don't fit their cleaning formula, they don't fit my needs. May have a line on a woman who works for herself and with whom Dee is very pleased. Basic cleaning, based on your priorities, then does any extra or special projects.

Procedure is scheduled for next Wednesday, so all positive thoughts and prayers will be appreciated. Other plans include another pass at the book, bills, sewing, seeking inspiration for the blog, which I've about decided to aim towards all caregivers, not just cancer, as many of the needs are the same. Bill, any thoughts on that idea?

dona said...

Hi Bill, glad things are well with work, I could imagine you just blowing the pants off others at what you do, any day of the week, so no surprise to me! :)

I agree with DR, on your mom. I also look at it the way you do, and I can remember while taking care of Shankster's mom, brother and then my mom, how others did view it as a burden.

DR, looks like you had a busy week as well, and boy do I hear you on resorting to making your own jeans/clothes, even tho such a process, from what I see anymore I would much rather wear what I can whip up.

Sending good thoughts and prayers and keep us informed as you can. I love your idea of aiming your book towards all caregivers, as most of the needs are the same.

William J. said...


I think aiming the book to all caregivers is a brilliant idea. Not only is it needed it expands the target audience.

My retirement party was catered by a restaurant client and I had to share pictures and stories from my life.

I am almost at the point now where after tax season I am going to take over and do all the nights at Mom's that the aide isn't there.

Sounds like your bedroom is taking shape. I bet Scamp is jumping with joy! I actually think any jeans you made yourself would be better than any you could buy. It is really hard to find good cleaners, I found local individual cleaners are better than the franchises.

I made a note of next Wednesday and will be sending thoughts and prayers.

A really busy week in front of you.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

But how are you and The Shankster doing?

We have a great staff at work.

There are at times I thought it was a burden. But not anymore. I've grown up.

Be well Delightful One.