Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dancing, Lunch, & Dogs

They announced the cast for Dancing With The Stars this morning.  I already know who I am rooting for. I had a major crush on Dorothy Hamill when I was a mere youngster. Here is the rest of the cast:


I usually pack my lunch for work. Banana. Sun Chips. Sandwich. Pretty healthy. Once in a while I like to forgo my lunch and have a good old cheeseburger:  


You all know I love animals. And I think they love us.


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dona said...

Hi Bill. Your lunch sounds like what I like and I always can make room for a cheeseburger!

I ran across the lineup for DWTS earlier. I liked Dorothy Hamill also. Outside of her, not too many to be excited about. Think DWTS has overstayed its welcome?
Or maybe I am just too over done with Reality shows to get excited. :)

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Bite your tongue about DWTS it is about the only show besides The Good Wife, White Collar, Covert Affairs, and NCIS LA that I watch.

I am glad we have cheesburgers in common!


Lady DR said...

The only two I recognize on DWTS are Hamil and, of course, Judd (g). Be curious to see how they do, altho I don't watch the show.

Was glad to see we mostly follow the guidelines for hamburgers, since we really enjoy them, but especially at home - lean meat, any cheese is low fat, spreads the same and we use wheat rolls most of the time. So, guess we're good (g).

Great story on the dog rescue. Animals are wonderful people.

William J. said...


I knew most of the Dancing folks. Which just tells you I watch to much television.

I make really healthy hamburgers. 93% Lean meat, non-fat cheese, tomatoes and on a whole wheat bun. So I am good too.

I agree, animals are a joy.