Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boredom Part I

Heading out to attend the first day of a two day accounting seminar on tax changes. My goals during the seminar are to do a little Christmas shopping, a little reading, learn a little, and survive the boredom. I am celebrating the first day of boredom by sharing article that have no common theme other than not to be boring.

Safety tips are the holidays are always a good thing to share with family, friends, relatives, and strangers waiting for the bus with you:


How about some good old fashioned hot chocolate to zip or gulp while you are reading this? Or maybe some good hot chocolate to share with your guests:


Safety and hot chocolate sound pretty healthy to me which leads me to share a good news health article:


Comment Away.


Wangari Maathai authored yesterday's quote. "The older I have grown, the more serious and irremediable have seemed to me the evils and disadvantages of married life as it exists among us at this time. " Was authored by a social theorist who lived from 1802 to 1876. She wrote over 50 books from a sociological, holistic, religious, domestic, and, perhaps most controversial, a feminine perspective, as well as translating various works from Auguste Comte. She has said of her approach: “when one studies a society, one must focus on all its aspects, including key political, religious, and social institutions'. She believed a thorough societal analysis was necessary to understand women’s status. Her writing introduced refreshing sociological perspectives on otherwise overlooked issues such as marriage, children, domestic and religious life, and race relations. Have you ever wondered HOW TO OBSERVE MORALS AND MANNERS? Wonder now and you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Pat said...

Hmmm... I'm feeling like an orphan here. Once again, I couldn't get the first story. I'm probably not updated on something or other. Oh, well.

I have one of the Ghirardelli hot chocolate mixes, and it's quite good. What else do I have? Some Droste dark and unsweetened chocolate, which is also good but not for an easy and quick hot chocolate.

Good news for hemophiliacs. Who, now that I think about it, you don't hear much about any more. Is the condition more rare, or are the treatments so good already that it isn't in the news? And I notice that once again, we read a glowing report of a very promising treatment that is several years away from any kind of general use.

Lady DR said...

Kinda grinned at the article on safety tips for toddlers, as they're much the same as those I've applied for a puppy (wry s).

Who knew there were so many choices for hot chocolate. As I can generally take it or leave it... Himself isn't over fussy, probably because he slips a few drops of Amaretto in it.

Glad to hear the progress on treating hemophilia. Like Pat said, pity actual use is so far in the future. Also too bad about some of the side effects, which sound kinda ugly.

Hope you survived your day at the seminar, were able to get some reading done and slip out for a bit of shopping. I picked up one more today and will get the last three on Thursday, since I'll have an hour to kill and know what I want and where to get it. Then it's wrap, pack and ship, hopefully on Friday.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

What happens sometimes is if there are to many hits at the same time the links won't work or they will expire and then later be reset. So it isn't you!

I have suger free Ghiradelli chocolate and it is really pretty good but takes a while to heat in the microwave to get the lumps out.

Interesting point about hemophilliacs and not hearing about them for a while. We haven't heard about them for ages. And it is sad that the treatment is so far away before it is useful.


William J. said...


One of the reasons I shared the article is the safety tips work for both children and animals!

Amaretto in hot chocolate sounds kind of good. I normally don't drink hot chocolate but about a weak ago I had the urge for it and bought some. Pretty darn good.

Always side effects for any treatment or drug it seems like.

I survived the day, bought seven of the twelve cards I need to buy (everyone looks forward to the funny cards I buy on Christmas Eve), and one gift. Read twenty chapters of THE DROP. And learned a little.

Sounds like you had a good shopping day too!!


Pat said...

Bill, about those lumps--I heat the milk in the microwave first, then spoon in the chocolate and beat it up with a whisk until the lumps are gone.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am going to try that. Thanks for the tip!