Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas holiday is basically over, Hanukkah has a couple of days left, and the New Year holiday is on the Horizon. Today on the agenda is going to the bank and cash my brother's check so they have money for their trip home. They are leaving today. Then it is to a movie. Then to Mom's for the next three days. I am in the venting mode so here goes.

My brother and his wife keep down playing my time at Mom's. They make it sound like a walk in the park. According to them it is something that I would choose to do because it is so easy. Right, I would chose to give up ten years of my life to watch my Mom and Dad decline then die. Frankly, I am sick of tired of having what I do downplayed. Downplayed especially by the clueless that haven't done a damn thing just so they can smooth over their own guilt feelings.

I love my sister. Without my sister and her husband I would be dead. They have been a huge help. I respect both of them and would do anything for them. However, I get a little annoyed when she says "I am at Mom's all the time." Since the fourteenth of November I have done two to three nights a week. Next week will the first time in seven weeks that I will only be doing one night. So if she is there "all the time" what have I been doing?

Venting over. Now on to today's entry.

A new use for Facebook:


A new use for virtual reality:


With everyone gone it may be a like a ghost town around here:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Oh, Bill, so sorry you need to vent, but I sure understand it. You have given up so much of your life to take care of both of your parents when they needed you, and to not even get a nod for it is just infuriating, I know. I also know that it has been your choice and you wouldn't have it any other way, except to be grateful for a little more help and a lot more appreciation. Know that at least some of us out here, and with any luck your mom herself, do appreciate all you do. So at the very least, vent away--you're more than entitled.

At last! A good use for Facebook! {g} And what a cool thing to use 3D images to distract and help a child in pain!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thank you for the nice comment. I do know Mom appreciates it, she was also frustrated with their attitude. Comments like it is really fun for you to be here isn't it, or you should be the one doing since you lived with your parents all your life (Not even close to the truth. I left home at 18 to go to college). I just think they are trying to ease their own guilt feelings.

I am glad Facebook saved a life or two!! It makes it worth while. I really liked the 3D article because of the possibilites.

Thanks again for the nice comment. It makes feel better.


Lady DR said...

Hope the vent helped, altho I'm sorry for the need for it. Others just don't understand what's involved. I only did if for a few years and didn't often have to stay at Mom's, but I do empathize at the lack of understanding and appreciation of the fact that much of your life is on hold. Yes, you want to do it, but it doesn't make it any easier. (Hugs)

Yea on the Facebook save, but what the heck was the guy doing out on the street to begin with, given his history?

The virtual reality is similar to what they're doing with adult burn patients, it sounds like? I'm for anything that will make it easier for children to deal with medical treatments and trauma.

William J. said...


Thank you. The vent did help. I just wish once in ten years my brother would have said "how about we come to Portland for a week and relieve you so you can go do something." Never happened.

Good question about the guy being on the street. Here they are releasing prisoners early because of cost. Many of them have storied pasts.

Great comparison between the kids and burn victims. They are very much alike. I am also for anything that makes ill children's lives better!