Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good Stories, Underwear, Quotes, & Hanukkah

First of three days at Mom's today. I have a business meeting at ten this morning, then lunch, then off to Mom's. I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I have a very nice young couple that lives next door. I came home a couple of days ago and on my porch was a bunch of homemade goodies. I finished my shopping by buying them a little plant. Now for the rest of the gifts the wrapping starts!

When my neighbor left the goodies it made me feel really good. That made me want to start the day off with a good story:


President Bill Clinton was once asked if it was boxers or briefs. He answered boxers. I am not going to really answer the question of boxers or briefs other to say I am presidential at times. Want to know what to buy the men in your life for Christmas:


See if you follow the blog and you will learn more about Men's underwear than you ever wanted to know.

I don't have a quote of the day but I do have an article about quotes. The best movie quotes of 2012.


Hanukkah starts at sunset tonight and ends at sunset on the 29TH. Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate it! And if anyone would like to learn about the history of Hanukkah they can read it about it here:


Comment Away and then enjoy the day!


Pat said...

A 3000 ft house for free! What a wonderful gift. But how sad about all the problems some other vets are having, from being threatened for flying the flag to homelessness and mental illness.

I'm very glad to hear that the trend of men wearing pants below their butts is waning, though you wouldn't know it from the young men around here. The article no doubt has good advice on men's undies, though I can't say I care much, especially if it isn't showing as they walk down the street.

Those are the best movie quotes of the year? Some from movies I never even heard of, and with apparently pretty good reason. I'd say it was not exactly a banner year for quotes.

About Hanukkah--I heard somebody on NPR this morning say that you should eat oily foods on Hanukkah, because of the holiday having to do with the lamp oil replenishing itself. He had lots of ways to use donuts, including making sandwiches out of them.

I hope you have a very nice three days with your mom and that you share your goody basket with her. What nice neighbors you have!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Very sad about the trouble vets are having we should celebrate any returning soldier.

I am also glad men are wearing their pants higher and I haven't seen any low riders here for a long time.

I thought the quotes were very lacking also. There weren't really a lot of good movies out this year. No King Speaches. I did like Moneyball and surprisingly Hugo.

I didn't know you should only eat oily foods for Hanukkah, interesting fact.

I am actually looking forward to being at Mom's. Wonders never cease.


Lady DR said...

Good job on finishing shopping. What lovely neighbors. Enjoy your time with your mom.

The story about the widow receiving a house was heartwarming and nice to know others have received the same. I think it's beyond shameful the way some of our vets are treated. I remember the story about the man with the flag, but the others are equally appalling. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line to assure we have the freedoms we enjoy each day. They deserve far better than most of them receive.

Like Pat, I'm happy to hear the pants below the butt phase is passing but, like her, I'm not seeing a lot of evidence of that here, so far. One hopes.

Couldn't get into the site with the quotes.

Interesting information about Hanukkah. I knew the basics, but the details were good to find out. I didn't know about the fried foods.

William J. said...


Got your card and letter yesterday, loved both!

I am really looking forward to spending time with Mom and have already asked her to go to church services with me Christmas Eve. Or old minister is at a church close to us.

I loved the story about the widow. If someone puts their life on the line for our country they deserve only the best when they return, not to be ignored or treated like chit.

We must be ahead of the rest of the world here because I haven't seen low riders for quite a long time so keep up the hope!

I didn't even now the basics about Hanukkah which led to the search. I thought the information was pretty interesting.