Friday, December 23, 2011

Only The Good

Today it is only going to be good or fun stories.

First story is one about attack dogs. Hang in there it is a different type of attack.

Would you want a dog to attack you like the above?

Did you build or have gingerbread houses when you were a youngster? We did.

Wow would I ever like to have some of those houses!

Next up is a story of the Christmas Spirit.

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Pat said...

Cute "attack". Puppies... well, dogs in general, love it when you get down at or below their level.

I never had a gingerbread house as a kid (deprived childhood there). Of these, I love "Falling Water" and the Sydney opera house. Lots of the others were impressive, and I don't think I could bring myself to bite into any of them.

I hope the "Grinch Fund" helped out those workers, but it probably didn't for long. I hope they find new jobs. Still, nice of Ludwig to cover the wages already owed.

Lady DR said...

Great video of the "puppy attack." Yup, been there done that and would do it again. Puppies of any age love to "attack" humans on a flat surface - just try going to bed with one who's still wound up (G). I think I need to spend more time on the floor with Scamp.

The gingerbread houses were impressive, but couldn't hold a candle to the "real" (old fashioned) house my friend we visited last week made, with the aid of her granddaughter. The house was at least 2-1/2' square, surrounded by a fence, with a barn for the reindeer and all using the old, traditional gingerbread house cookies, gum drops and such. THe entire "ginger-scape was probably 4' x 3' and I cannot imagine the time and patience involved.

Good for the guy starting the Grinch fund. IF you've been unemployed for a month and hadn't been paid wages prior to that, it would make for a pretty bleak Christmas. Given our economy, it's heartwarming to hear about all the secret Santas, elves and angels stepping forward.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I love it also when you get down at their level. Used to love being on Katie's level and playing with them.

I loved Sydney Opera house the best! I'm with you I just couldn't eat any of them.

I hope the new year brings jobs for all looking. We really need a turn around so that stories like the Grinch fund aren't necessary.


William J. said...


I also loved the puppy attack video. It is always fun to be on the floor at their level.

Wow the gingerbread house that your friend visited sounds stunning. No way would I have the patience to do something like that.

I love heartwarming stories like the Grinch fund all year round but for some reason they just seem more important to me at Christmas time.