Monday, December 26, 2011

The Salt Of The Earth

I have had a nice Christmas holiday. I've enjoyed the dinner outs and the visits from my Wyoming relatives (brother, his wife, niece, her husband and their three kids). I've enjoyed seeing the local relatives more frequently. It has been fun. But now I am ready to get back to normal. Normal schedules, normal life problems, normal life joys.

Sometimes the stress of holiday combined with overeating can result in heart attacks. The combined Christmas-New Year holiday results in more heart attacks than any other time of the year. What are the signs of a heart attack? We should all be familiar with them:

Speaking of eating. Did you eat to much salt? Not enough? If you didn't get enough salt, I know just the place to go:

Now that you know what to do in case of a heart attack we can talk taxes:

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Pat said...

It still seems a little un-normal to me today. The day after Christmas is not a day I want to go anywhere because of crowds exchanging gifts and still looking for bargains. I might venture out to the grocery store, but that's about it for today. Family is here and we're just hanging out. Maybe tomorrow will seem more normal. I can't wait! Christmas is always a bit o'fun, but I'm so glad when all the foofaraw is over! In other words, Bah! Humbug!

I don't think I'm lacking in salt, though the salt fields would be fun to see. And as usual, the tax tips are of no help to me. Still, good information on taxes and on heart attacks, too.

Lady DR said...

Like you, we've had a nice holiday and yesterday was delightful, with friends here for Christmas dinner and then talking on the phone with family members. Today I did the pool, avoided the stores, raked and mulched leaves, before the storm moves in tomorrow. As to normal - not sure I've figured out what that is around here (G). Maybe I'll work on establishing a normal I really like.

Good article on heart attacks and a reminder that's worth while on occasion. The salt flats are fascinating, particularly the hotels. Like Pat, I'm not in a position to take advantage of the tax tips, but they're good to know.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It still seems abnormal to me but we are getting there! I did venture out to the grocery store and it was not busy at all but when I tried going to a movie it was sold out. I feel the same way about Christmas you do and I don't think it is Bah Humbug, I just think it want to get back on track and on schedule.

The taxes aren't much help to me either and hopeful I won't need the heart attack information but some people out there may!

I love the salt fields. They really look beautiful.


William J. said...


I am glad you had a great holiday!
Sounds like a fun day today too with just a little bit of everything. I hope the storm isn't to bad.

I would love to visit the salt flats!