Monday, December 12, 2011


Today we are all about transportation.

First up is a video that some say is funny. I am leaning on the not funny side:

Speaking of crashes did you ever wonder how to survive a plane crash?

Sometimes out of the ashes comes a good story. The following is one of those:

Comment Away.


"We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind. To do so effectively, the world needs a global ethic with values which give meaning to life experiences and, more than religious institutions and dogmas, sustain the non-material dimension of humanity. Mankind's universal values of love, compassion, solidarity, caring and tolerance should form the basis for this global ethic which should permeate culture, politics, trade, religion and philosophy. It should also permeate the extended family of the United Nations", was authored by a woman of many fields including ecology, sustainable development, self help, planting, environment, member of Parliament, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife. She lived from 1940 to 2011. She was the first woman in central or eastern Africa to hold a Ph.D., first woman head of a university department in Kenya, first African woman to win the Nobel Prize in Peace. She founded the Green Belt movement in Kenya in 1977, which has planted more than 10 million trees to prevent soil erosion and provide firewood for cooking fires. In 1997 she ran for the presidency of Kenya, though the party withdrew her candidacy a few days before the election without letting her know; she was defeated for a seat in Parliament in the same election. In 1991 She was arrested and imprisoned; an Amnesty International letter-writing campaign helped free her. In 1999 she suffered head injuries when attacked while planting trees in the Karura Public Forest in Nairobi, part of a protest against continuing deforestation. She was arrested numerous times by the government of Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi. . Who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

I can't say I find the video funny, either. Maybe if I'd understood a word of what they were saying and the cameraman had been able to hold still, and if someone had edited it down to a reasonable length... As it is, bo-o-o-ring!

The video about surviving a plane crash has expired.

And oh, dear, more driverless cars, sigh. But lately, what with people attached to their cell phones and texting away while driving, the automatic cars are beginning to look more appealing to me. Until they learn to text.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I have never been one to find humor in car crashes.

I don't know what happened on the plane crash video because I just tried it and it worked fine.

I am with you when the cars learn to text, I am out of here!


Lady DR said...

All I can say is "ditto" to Pat's comments.