Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hunting Dogs

It is has been a peaceful morning. I've been at home and knocking off items on my to do list, fifteen done so far today! My new microwave is up and running. I got it in place, the clock set, and working with the minimum amount of swear words. A lot less swear words then I used Sunday when I tried to fix the flat tire on Mom's mobile wheelchair. We finally took the tire off and went to the nearby Les Schwab tire center who kindly fixed the tire for free. It had two holes in the tube so I never would have gotten the darn thing fixed.

I know it is awful of me but I did laugh at the following story:

Fess up, did you laugh?

Next up is an article that gives a hint on how you can turn a bad situation into a worse one:

I am kind of sad that we have lost common senses but I am not sad that neither Portland or Seattle failed to make the following list:

Comment Away.


Florynce Kennedy authored yesterday's quote. "When Harvard men say they have graduated from Radcliffe, then we've made it" Was authored by a first lady we all have heard of. Men wanted to date and women wanted to be her. She lived from 1929 to 1994 during which some of it was Camelot. A first lady, she brought a youthful elegance to the White House during her tenure there. Briefly a photographer before her marriage to the President and an editor after she was widowed for the second time. She lost many relatives, some to plane crashes, some to assassinations. I vividly remember her blood strained dress on November 22, 1963. If you do also you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Lady DR said...

Yes, I laughed at the story of the dog shooting its owner. You cannot fix stupid. You do not lay a gun down *anywhere* without having the safety on. Duh!

The dentist story is a pretty statement about the state of medical care. While the gentleman may have been a bit strident, referring to the dentist as a scammer, I think "truth in advertising" or treatment deserves to be shared and it certainly sounds like said dentist didn't do a very good job of handling his paperwork or his concerns and complaints. I just hope she did a good job on his dental work!

I was a little surprised by the list of the ten saddest cities. Detroit, Birmingham and, maybe, Miami I can understand, but the rest really surprised me, especially Memphis, Louisville and St. Louis. As to St. Petersburg, given the criteria they used, I'd say it's a false reading. St. Pete, like the Tampa area, is a mecca for retirees and has lots of retirement homes, retirement complexes, assisted living facilities. A lot of physicians treat oldsters with anti-depressants for a variety of reasons, including Alzheimer's, I think.

William J. said...


The gun owner makes me think there should be an IQ test before someone can own a gun.

Maybe the dentist patient was over the top with the complaint but the dentist's reaction was over the top and not really good PR. I always say let people have their say. It would have been much better PR for the dentist to release a statement about he is sorry about the paitent being unhappy but he disagrees with him and stands behind his work. Including some nice notes from patients. Suing is just over the top.

I was surprised at the list two because Seattle and Portland always makes the saddest list due to the rain they get. I do think their criteria were fault.