Sunday, December 11, 2011


A brief update.

Next week is just one of those easy weeks with not much going on. Tonight and Tomorrow are at Mom's. Tuesday and Wednesday is a two day accounting seminar on the changes in tax laws and a review of recent tax court rulings. Thursday is a night at Mom's. Friday is taking Mom to the eye doctor. Saturday is Christmas Shopping and house cleaning.

Last week. Sunday was breakfast with the boys and Monday was errand day. Dry cleaners, grocery shopping, etc. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Mom's. Saturday was another errand day wavering between business to dos and personal to dos.

I have a dilemma that I would love your opinion on. Background. We have always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. It isn't a secret, it isn't a shot. My sister is planning a dinner Christmas Eve. Mom is going on 96 and at that age their are no guarantees of future Christmases. My brother, his wife, his daughter Kelli and her family are going to be here from Wyoming. Mom was looking forward to having her family together for Christmas Eve.

A couple of days ago I got this email from my brother:

D & K bought tickets for the Seattle-San Francisco game for them, you, K & I. Here is the dilemma. The game is on December 24. It is in Seattle. The game is at 1:15. It is an all day deal. We won't be home until late on Christmas Eve.

If I say yes to the game I upset Mom & Sister. If I say no to the game I upset the other group. I am leaning towards upsetting the latter group because I think it was kind of inconsiderate not to ask the family about Christmas Eve plans before buying the tickets. I also have to be with Sis and Mom all year and the other group hit and miss throughout the year. So I am pretty sure I am going to ask them to give the ticket to my other nephew, Ryan and stay home.

Your input?

I am going to end the post with some great pictures of Christmas Trees from around the world.

Comment or Update Away or Both!!


Pat said...

Your easy week sounds pretty full to me. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Next week, I have a tea and a lunch to attend, both special Christmas things for book groups. And some shopping and probably (maybe) some housecleaning. Makes your "easy" week sound downright taxing, doesn't it?

As to your dilemma, I would definitely go for the usual Christmas eve. I think it was thoughtless for your bro to just buy tickets when surely he knew there would be other plans going on. Of course I wouldn't be even slightly tempted by an all-day football excursion, so that would make the decision even easier for me. I hope it's not a game that you really want to see.

Some amazing Christmas trees there!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It was my brother's daughter and her husband that bought the tickets. But I think bro could have had some backbone and declined them saying he wanted to spend Christmas Eve with Mom.

It is a pretty full week, I was being somewhat sarcastic!

Your week sounds pretty full. I think you should treat yourself to a gift and hire the housekeeping done. Three meetings in one week plus doctor visits sounds way to full! Enjoy though.

The Trees were very stunning!


Lady DR said...

Your idea of an easy week... yikes! Last week sounds pretty full, as well.

As to your dilemma - I agree with you and Pat. It's more important to celebrate your traditional Christmas Eve than bow to the "gift" of tickets that would keep you away. Is Bro aware of the tradition? A shame he won't be there to share it. Traditions are important to preserve.

Pat, I agree with Bill - hire a house cleaning service - you deserve to be able to relax and enjoy the season and you have a mighty full schedule, with the radiation and chemo, plus shopping, some fun social stuff and otherwise getting ready for the kids and the holidays.

Good week, despite the onset of the annual winter cold on Tuesday AM. Got the house decorated and boxes back to the shed last weekend. Got to the pool twice (hard to keep kleenex useful with wet hands). An hour of line dance rehearsal for the show on the 17th. Went to the Yesterukes (an all ukelele band) Christmas concert at Woodlands, which was delightful. Got the car in for the repair of the nick on front fender, then found yarn to match Himself's ancient sweater, which Alice says she thinks she can mend (it's like his Linus blanket), did some Christmas shopping. Cards are addressed and just finished printing of Christmas letter.

Next week is getting cards out, doctor's app't, trip to Costco, finish Christmas shopping, wrap and pack for shipping, final rehearsal for show on the 17th, massage, dinner with friends on the 16th, plus pool and standard domestic duties and putting together different Christmas menu, as the friend we invited to join us said his company is giving him a turkey, which he'll bring over next week, for me to fix. (I'd planned a simple menu with Cornish game hen. It's not a perfect world (wry s).

William J. said...


Bro grew up in the same household I did so I would assume he new of the Christmas Eve tradition but through his marriage and his own children and his wife's tradition growing up it could have changed. But he didn't buy the tickets his son-in-law did and he was surely not aware of the tradition. But Chrstmas Eve is an know day when people have plans.

It has been really cold here too!
Great that you got the house decorated and boxes back to the shed! I am always glad when you fit in line dance and the pool! I hope there is a video of the 17th show. A ukelele band Christmas concert sounds fun!

Next week sounds pretty busy too!
Cornish game hand sounds lovely but then so does turkey! My favorite it really the latter.


Mary said...

If I were planning to host a big dinner and several of the guests bought tickets to a football game instead, I would be irritated. That the family always celebrates on Christmas Eve and this will take people away on that night would make it even worse. It sounds like you've already decided to stay home, but that's what I would do too. FWIW.

Pat! Listen to these people! Hire a housekeeper! They can do an amazing amount in two or three hours, and then you don't have to stress about it.

Mary said...

Oh, I should also mention that if I was having a dinner and a guest decided that I should change the menu, I would be irritated about that too. Even if he donated the turkey.

Mary, the easily irritated

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I don't think you are easily irritated I just think you are a strong person with strong values.

I have decided to stay home and if they can't find someone to use the ticket I will pay for it.

See Pat all three of us want you to treat yourself to a housekeeper.

I am not sure how I would feel if I had dinner planned and the main course was changed but then again I like turkey better than Cornish.