Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cash, Fashion, & Memory Pills

Second day at Mom's I am enjoying the gig this week.

Just an update about a previous blog article. So far Secret Santas have paid off seven hundred thousand of lay away debt nationwide for unsuspecting folks in need. Started in Michigan and has spread nationwide. Wow.

Second day in a row I am starting the entry out with a good story.

Second day in a row is a men's fashion article:

I always liked Ryan Gosling now I may have to start dressing like him.

Next up is some good news in the area of health!

I'd certainly take the pill if needed. I hope it is on the market sooner than later.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad you're enjoying time with Mom this week. Wonderful news on the Secret Santas paying the layaway debts.

Good for the dentist locating the previous owners and passing it over, as well as for him rewarding the demo crew.

Well, you could certainly do worse than to imitate Gosling's wardrobe, although I'm not big on the checked outfit (shrug). But the others - nice to see a guy looking neat and tidy, even in a pajama top. I did find it interesting that in every picture, he buttoned only the top of the two buttons on the jacket...

Great news on the medical front. What a blessing this would be for so many folks! Let's hope it proves out for humans AND that it doesn't take forever to get it on the market AND that it's affordable, when it gets there.

Pat said...

Glad to hear this is a good week with mom. And also about the Secret Santas, who are all over the news lately. Cumulatively, they have paid out a HUGE amount of money and made a lot of people very happy for at least a few brief moments.

I wonder what I'd do if I found cash inside my walls. I guess it would depend on the amount and whether I thought it significant enough to report it. If it was a big amount, I would; if insignificant, I'd just go to Starbucks with it, probably.

From the description of Gosling's clothes, I thought they'd be awful, but he pretty much looked okay, except: I don't think anyone looks good in those very "skinny" pants. Well, maybe a supermodel or two if they're 6 ft tall and weigh 12 lbs, but hardly anybody else. I like the dog's red sock. {g}

BTW, HuffPost has some interesting stuff, but it sure takes its time to load, and when you think it's through... nope, still working.

A super memory pill! What a nice idea! But I'm sure it's yet another that is years, if not decades away from a practical use in humans. Too bad about that!

William J. said...


The Secret Santas make me happy. As does Mom and the dentist!

I also found it interesting that he only buttoned the top of the two buttons. Gosling has been on of my favorites every since The Notebook.

I hope like you that the pill gets out there pronto once they have tested it on humans!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

The Secret Santa movement is surprising in this economy. Everyone wants to help and I think that is super. Mom does better when I am there and that makes me happy to be there.

I can tell you what I would do if I found cash inside my walls. I'd spend it!

I also hate skinny pants. The dog's red sock was fun!

Sometime the Huff post takes forever, other times it loads right away. Make me wonder if it has to do with the traffic to the site.

I want the super memory pill on the market in ten days not ten years! I hope they hurry up with it.