Friday, December 30, 2011

Love & Peace

Before starting the blog entry today I wanted to pass on condolences to Pat, a main contributor to the blog. Her mom passed away yesterday. She was 105. What she must have seen during her lifetime. Our hearts go out to Pat.

In a world that is to angry, to busy, and to mean it is just a joy to know Love and Peace survived:

I for one hope 2011 is better than 2012. I am hoping for more good luck. Now I know what to eat to bring on that good luck:

A couple of days ago was good riddance day. Maybe we shouldn't have been so fast to get rid of the junk:

Comment Away.


Anonymous said...

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Pat said...

Thanks, Bill. Feeling better today after a good night's sleep.

Love and Peace is sure a long name for a cat, but this one seems to be a survivor, for sure. Glad he has a nickname of LP.

The room looks nice when they get it organized, but where did all that stuff go? Not put away in that room unless there's storage space under the floor. I suspect a cheat in there somewhere.

Lady DR said...

Pat, you know you have my thoughts and prayers.

Lovely story on Love & Peace. I'm amazed the shelter didn't euthanize him almost immediately and kudos to the foster mother who spent so much time with him.

Interesting about the "lucky" foods.I've been in the South long enough to know the traditions. Black eyed peas I can do, collard greens, not so much. However, the list sure put paid to my plains for Cornish game hen for dinner!

I agree with Pat on the re-organized room and looked closely at the article. The decorator *did* get rid of stuff. She said, flat out, clothing had to go to donations, if they hadn't been worn in a year. And I suspect some of the other cluttery items we noticed were sent out the door as well, with what was kept put in those near-ceiling storage cupboards. I do like the way she did the floating book shelves. I don't honestly seeing two people working at the desk at the same time, but then my office area needs to allow me space to spread out everything from oversized monitor and keyboard to calendars, manuals, printer, scanner and phone (wry s).

Nope, it's time for us - at least me - to get rid of the junk, the clutter, the stuff I honestly can't justify keeping and that starts with visible surfaces in living areas to closets and dresser drawers and file cabinets. Most of the time, clearing physical clutter helps me clear mental and emotional clutter. Don't know why, just the way it is.

Lady DR said...

Hi, Anonymous, and welcome to Bill's blog. I don't "do" television, so will rely on the others to keep up with you there. Used to enjoy a good game of poker often, but have never tried it online.

No need to apologize for your language - I find your message charming and easily understandable.

Happy New Year to you, too.

William J. said...

Hi Alice

I am a poker play but don't play it online. Just a night with a guys to have fun not really a competition even though I am a really good player.

I love some TV shows like The Good Wife, White Collar, and Covert Affairs.

I've been know to be accused of flirting even though I don't really know how.

Happy New Year to you too!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

And I hope you are feeling even better today but I did find with dad it was flucuating feelings for a while.

I like the name LP. A real little survivor and the picture looks a lot like my Katie.

I am guessing the stuff is under the couch or in the closet.


William J. said...


I just love what the name of the cat means and the fact that she survived in some weird way gives me hope about love and peace in general.

Well it looks like you are going to have a lucky 2012!

Maybe I need to go through my house and get rid of anything I haven't worn in a year. And I am guessing you are right and a lot of things were sent out the door. I wouldn't want to work at a desk with someone.

New Years is a good time to clear out the clutter. Including emotional clutter!