Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Riddance Day

Good Riddance. Why did I just type that? Because today is officially good riddance day. Get rid of the old, heck get rid of the new if you don't like it.

What are you getting rid of today? Gosh I have so many choices!

There actually are a lot of people on the most admired men and women list of 2011 that I would like to get rid of: that I want to get rid will remain nameless. I don't want to get rid of Ellen but tied with Margaret Thatcher?

Enough with admired people lets move on to us guys and our one track minds.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Didn't know there was a Good Riddance Day. Sounds like it's mostly about feelings/memories. The year my first husband and a friend's husband died and Himself had a couple crises in his life, we all got together New Year's Eve, with one or two others, and at midnight we threw our calendars, daytimes, whatever, in Himself's wood burning stove. Didn't get rid of anything physical, but every week is going to have a "good riddance" day around here for as long as it takes!

Like you, there are a lot of folks on the "most admired" list I sure wouldn't have put there.

A question about your response to my post yesterday and I hope others here will respond, even the lurkers in similar situations.

Like you, I'd have given a lot if one of the sibs had said they were coming down and I was off for a week. I plan on spending at least a week in AZ this spring and I plan on suggesting to Deb that she make plans to literally run away from home for at least a few days, maybe to see her friend in Chicago or whatever, but a total break for her. Would you - and the others - be willing and comfortable doing that, leaving someone else in charge and taking an honest to goodness break?

William J. said...


Answering your question first. You have taken care of your mom before so you know what is involved. So in your case if I was your sister I would be out of there shortly after you arrived.

As to me I would be uncomfortable leaving my brother alone with Mom but I would do it because I think he really needs to see what is going on. I also think it would be good for Mom.

Leaving my sister alone is a slam dunk, because she knows.

I might be worried that whomever took over would change everything I was doing and that would casuse me grief when I returned. But that is a price I'd be willing to pay.

I like the idea of burning everything on New Years Eve and I might do this one. Maybe also put some ideas on a piece of paper and get rid of them.

My list of admired people would sure be different than the one in the poll.


Lady DR said...

I have, for many years, been an advocate of burning "bad" memories, judgements, regrets and anger. I think it was in the cancer book, I know it was in the anxiety book and in my stress management class.

Write it down. Vent, curse, argue, accuse, judge, whatever. Then tear it to pieces, put it in a coffee can, sit outside under the stars and set it on fire, watching *Feeling* all those emotions scatter to the winds, as the ashes do, leaving you clean and whole and "new."

While I try to release any negativity in meditation, I sometimes find it's necessary for me to physically do so, through the writing out and burning out process.

Pat said...

I like the idea of a "good riddance" day. Even if it's not old troubles and bad memories. Maybe it should just be clutter. Or both. Most of us have plenty that it would be nice to be rid of, cluttering up our houses or garages, even if we wanted to keep our memories.

Some of the most admired are odd choices, once you get past the frontrunners, but to each his own and different strokes and all that, except how on earth did Michelle Bachman get on the list at all?

Some of the findings about teen boys are actually a little surprising. Maybe not that they feel that way, but that they would admit it.

DR, as to your question, of course it would depend on who I was leaving in charge. In the case of your sister, with you taking over, I would leap at the chance and be outa there like a shot.

William J. said...


OK, you convinced me. I am burning on Christmas Eve. And I am going to start making the list now.

I like the idea of physically doing something. It is tangible. That helps.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I also like the idea of good riddance day. And it should include clutter!

You are right about the most admired list. Different strokes for different folks. Bachman surprised me but there were others on the list that surprised me also and some that weren't on the list surprised me.

I was kind of surprised that the teens admitted their thoughts. That surprised me as much as the results did.