Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Update

am in the start of a busy week with a lot of out of town visitors. The blog may be hit and miss next week with family events and the like. The quote of the day will be on hiatus until the New Year. The blog will just be boring posts about articles or family interactions.

My nephew won his basketball game yesterday. They don't really keep score at that age but both my brother and I mentally kept score. That old competitive genes. My niece won both her basketball games and they do keep score at her age. They play in the championship game today at 4:40.

One the agenda last week. Sunday night and Monday night at Mom's. Tuesday and Wednesday a boring all day seminar. Thursday night was dinner with the family and then staying at Mom's until nine when the caregiver showed up. Friday was taking mom to the eye doctor. Saturday was two basketball games and Christmas shopping I only have one gift left to buy and one Christmas card.

Today it is breakfast with the boys, grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup and drop, and a basketball game. Monday is minor foot surgery and taking mom to the foot doctor. Tuesday and Wednesday are at Mom's. Thursday is a date with Nancie. Dinner and a movie. Friday I am disappearing. Saturday is overnight at Mom's

That is my update. What is yours?

Comment Away and share anything your little old hearts desire.


Pat said...

Have a great time with all your visitors and holiday doings, Bill. Don't worry about us, your faithful readers. We shall be fine and probably a little over-busy ourselves.

Er, you are disappearing on Friday? I hope this is strictly for R & R. I imagine a lot of us would like to just disappear for a day or so during this season. {g}

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I imagine you all will be busy. I am guessing your kids are visiting for the holidays.

Not completely disappearing just hiding out at my house to recuperate and prepare!


Lady DR said...

I think we can survive sporadic blog posts for the next week, so long as you're having fun.

Good job by you nephew and your niece. How did she make out in the championship game today?

Sounds like a busy week,including the boring seminar, and another one coming up.

I'm feeling almost on top of things, which is a little scary. (g) Letter done, cards out, shopping done, wrapped and packed for shipping in the morning. Four days at the pool, LD rehearsal, our show at the mall on Saturday (great crowd, laughing, singing along, clapping). Confirmation of registration for the concealed carry permit class on New Years Eve Day. First practice session (on our "home range) Wednesday blew Himself away,since I'd never shot a pistol, only rifles, 35 years ago. Every shot was within the interior target range. Next day I moved up to the 380, which restored my sense of humility, although Himself said I did very well. Practice. Dorinda was here and admitted no one had ever taught her anything about her gun and Himself moved into serious instructor mode. By the time she left, I think she believed Himself hung the moon. She'll be back tomorrow, for another session.

Next week is relatively calm, with a chiro and therapy app't, the pool, line dance, getting organized for Christmas dinner. I plan to drop all the food and blankets at the mission in the AM, as well as the Christmas gifts to the post office, on the way to the pool. Then, it's pretty much coasting, other than pool, LD, organizing and shopping for Christmas dinner and cleaning. I suspect I'll have no trouble filling the hours.

William J. said...


My niece scored 17 points in the semin-finals and they barely won the next game, the championship one.

I am glad you figure you are on the top of things. That is a great feeling!

Love that you had some good days at the pool. I wish I would have been at the Mall! Congratulations onf the Confirmation of registration for the concealed carry permit class on New Years Eve Day.

Wow I bet Himself was pretty proud to have a markswoman in the crowd! Good for Himself for teaching Dorinda.

Your next week looks busy to me. Just cooking Christmas dinner sounds like a lot!