Sunday, December 4, 2011

Football Wins

We interrupt this blog post to bring you an important announcement.

I am following the advise of one my favorite posters and taking a day off to watch football. The blog will return to normal tomorrow.

In the meantime if you would like to post an update by all means please do!!


Lady DR said...

Good job on the day off! Uh, when has the blog ever been "normal?"

Quick update - saw chiro and massage therapist, with good results, and the TENs continues to make a positive difference. Just have to figure out whether to try going through Medicare (major hassles) or biting the bullet and paying of it and supplies myself.

Pool, line dance, rehearsals for Christmas show at the mall. Christmas decorating is done, other than hauling the boxes back out to the shed. Tried a couple different things this year, went much more minimal than usual, none of the mini-trees and lots of other stuff. The big tree and mantel are decorated, the creche is up, so it's Christmas.A to-do list as long as my arm, lack of cooperation from family on Christmas lists (yes, they may end up with gift cards), arrival of a 1000 pg ms for content editing and another one for line editing and, supposedly, another one coming for line and content editing. Ergo, it's back to work, after a two week break. I definitely need to start buying lottery tickets again! Scamp is mostly darling... waiting to see her reaction/actions regarding the Christmas tree, ornaments and stuff that sits under it. So far, no interest, but she hasn't gotten bored yet. I didn't put on any of the breakables, just in case.

Pat said...

Congratulations on having the wisdom to take a day off. I hope you are enjoying it to the max. {g}

I was forced to clean out the fridge for trash day tomorrow, and it seems to have inspired me to also clean out a sock drawer and a cupboard or two. Will this burst of activity last? Not a chance. But before all that, I did some minimal Christmas shopping and got two gifts and the yarn to make yet another, so it has been a productive Sunday.

dona said...

Glad you took the day off Bill, you deserve it.
DR, glad to hear the TENs unit is working for you, sorry to hear you may have to pay out of pocket for it, although I don't mind paying for something that actually works.
Pat you always make me laugh. Its funny as I also got two Christmas gifts today, even tho I was only shopping for groceries...and I bought some fabric to make another...seems we are working on the same path.

William J. said...


I am so happy that the Chiro results were good! I am hoping for medicare.

I bet the show at the Mall was fun and that the shoppers loved it. I think minimal is good. You really amaze me that you are all set for Christmas already! Gift cards are on the agenda for me. I hope you don't miss your two week break to much. This is Scamp's first Christmas, that is going to make it a fun one!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I did enjoy the day. I just vegged out. Called Ted in the morning to see how he is doing. He is really doing well. Met the guys for breakfast and several football games until one. Grocery shopped. Then went home and got in touch with my inner couch potato.

Cleaning out the fridge. I should do that. I am avoiding it though because I don't want to be inspired to do more cleaning. I plan on starting my Christmas shopping next week during a two day accounting seminar.


William J. said...

Hello Delightful Dona

I'm hoping that joy comes into your life during the holidays and that 2012 is a hell of a lot better year for you than 2011.

The day off was needed. I didn't have anything to say!