Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Today let's do the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:

I don't even know who Drake is but he gets my vote as the entertainer of the year.
The bad:

I agree with the one comment that said both sides look moronic. The Democrats should have just kept there mouth shuts and worked on something more productive. And I if there weren't better things for the governor to spend her time on than happy greetings.

The ugly:

Certainly they could have found a solution to benefit the widow.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Like you, I've no clue who Drake is, but bless him for making his fan's day.

The SC debacle... now you know why my patience level with state gov't is as dismal as with the feds. I did not elect these guys to pass bills about how the phone is answered. I elected them to pass bills that would improve the economic, unemployment, healthcare and homeless rates, among other things. It's obvious they're unable to deal with these issues.

I think the issue regarding the widow is appalling. I'd sure like to know what the criteria is for benefits, as it sounds like (we don't have much information), his death could be traced back to the type of work he did on the force. Why do we so mistreat those who spend their lives protecting and defending us and extend that treatment to their families?

William J. said...


I am going to learn more about Drake just because I like what he did.

I wondered what your response would be to the SC phone answering debacle. Same as outsiders!

How in the world can we treat families of first responders and the military like chit and expect people to sign up for that duty?
The widow deserves the benefits, everything should be done to get them to her.


Pat said...

Drake? Drizzy? Who is this person? Does anyone care? Do I? Why am I so totally out of touch with pop music? I'm glad to see you don't know who he is, either. Now I don't feel so ignorant.

I think they are onto something in So.Carolina. How stupid to make people answer the phone that way in the first place. I think your comment pretty much says what needs saying.

About the death benefits, 13 years seems like a long time to take to make a decision. Should his widow get benefits? If they have specific criteria and his case doesn't meet them, they should either just say no or examine the criteria. In this economy, I'm sure saying no is the treatment of choice for the retirement people.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Amd DR didn't know who Drake is either! Must be a teen idol.

It just amazes that politicians don't give an ounce of thought before they do something stupid. This is our best and brighest?

Thirteen years is enough time to elect two presidents it certainly should be enough time to make a decision about

About the death benefits, 13 years seems like a long time to take to make a decision on widow benefits.