Thursday, December 22, 2011

Food, Cats, & Cars

Last day at Mom's until Christmas Eve. Looking forward to a salad and a movie with Nancie tonight. Then tomorrow is day of rest.'

Everyone loves food. Everyone loves scandals. Does everyone love food scandals?'

Everyone loves babies. Everyone loves pets. Does everyone love pets and babies together?

Not everyone loves insurance companies but thank goodness the man in the following story had insurance:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Have a good day with Mom and a lovely evening with Nancie. A day of rest might be nice, but I suspect most of us have last-minute stuff to do for the next two days. Why is it always that way?

Food scandals! Who'd'a thunk it?? {g} Some I had heard of, some I hadn't. I'm glad to see some restaurants taking a stand about animal cruelty, and of course substitutions of ingredients with lesser ones. Otherwise, the infighting doesn't exactly rock my world.

Not sure about that cat. I wonder if whoever filmed it knew the cat was safe with the baby. Or rather, vice-versa.

I heard the Lamborghini story on the radio. Stupid, stupid. He'll be "more careful next time"? The next time he wins a Lamborghini? Me, I'd have sold it as quickly as possible, taking no chances, insured or not.

Lady DR said...

Glad you've enjoyed the time with Mom and to hear you'll be seeing Nancie tonight. Day of rest? Good for you. I won't claim that, but I do think I've a more relaxed approach to Christmas, especially dinner, this year. I hope.

The food info - who knew? I'm glad to see large restaurants and chains dropping suppliers who've proven to be unethical or engaged in cruelty. Good for Batali. Pizza as a vegetable? That's a stretch even I can make.

"They" say cats and infants shouldn't be mixed, but I'd say it depends on the feline. Same is true of dogs - some are very good with babies and children and I love seeing pix and hearing stories of that. Funny - Scamp was curled in my lap, when I played the video, and immediately sat up, head cocked and ears up, when she heard the baby cry.

The guy and the lamborghini - are we back to not being able to fix stupid?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I had a great day with Mom and the evening was lovely. We had a nice dinner but the movie stunk. Don't waste your money on YOUNG ADULT. I picked the movie. Late in the movie I thought I whispered to Nancie "from now on you pick the movie" and the whole row laughed. It was the only laugh in the movie.

I never thought in terms of food scandals until I read the article. I am also glad restaurants are taking the intiative on animal cruelty. Of course our favorite Higgins has always done that!

I think the danger with cats and babies is they might lay on their face and smother them. For that reason the video bothered my, however, someone had to be taking the video so a human was there in case anything happened.

The Lamborgrini story just made me shake my head. I am like you, after a couple of careful drives in it I would have sold it pronto.


William J. said...


This has been kind of a stressful Christmas with the football game choice and such. So today it is me by myself to charge my batteries and get ready for the next two days.

Nancie and I had a nice time. It was nice to kick back!

I never think of scandals in relation to food which is one reason I shared the article. Let's hear for the restaurants that have ethics and compassion!

I am with you as to cats and babies, it depends on the feline. Katie would have been fine with a baby. How funny that Scamp got up with the baby crying! Sounds protective!

The guy with the lamborghini is a head shaker! Idiot.