Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sorry I am late with today's entry but this was my last day at Mom's for a while and sister is back after thirteen days on the road. I wanted to leave the house in great condition for sister so I cleaned Mom's house before I left. When I clean, I clean everything. Light switches, windows, TVs front and back, and so on. I am such a good cleaner I may open a business and start charging! However, I am not wearing those French Maid costumes.

When I got back from Mom's I started to fix lunch and my microwave exploded. Only victim was a bowl of soup and myself who had to clean another kitchen! I just got back from Target with a new Microwave in hand.

It was really an injustice to have my Microwave go out after working so hard to help my mother but it is nothing like the injustice in the following article:

There is so much wrong with the above story. My heart just goes out to the should be dad and the children. My angst is directed at the government that doesn't seem have any common sense or flexibility.

Let's switch from injustice to justice:

It will be crappy story if the scam artist don't end up in jail.

On to another story where the bank should have had the heart of the law and the movers:


Sister Corita Kent authored yesterday's quote. "I’m just a loud-mouthed middle-aged colored lady with a fused spine and three feet of intestines missing and a lot of people think I’m crazy. Maybe you do too, but I never stop to wonder why I’m not like other people. The mystery to me is why more people aren’t like me" was authored by a young woman living from 1916 to 2000. She was the daughter of a Pullman porter, graduated from Columbia Law School in 1951. She handled the estates of Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday. She was also known as a social activist, a feminist who was one of the founders of the National Organization for Women and a participant in the 1967 Atlantic City Miss America protest. She founded the National Black Feminist Organization in 1975 and published her autobiography in 1976. In all she was a U.S. lawyer, activist, civil rights advocate, and feminist. She was the author of COLOR ME FLOR, MY HARD LIFE AND GOOD TIMES. In her spare time she acted in two movies playing Enid The Maid in THE LANDLORD. Who authored today's quote?


Lady DR said...

Does it never end? Sigh. Sad stories, all three, and certainly various examples of greed, ambition, lack of caring and, I suppose, too much gov't regulation.

That the young man isn't allowed to even see the two boys is criminal. He's their dad and he's cared for them, as have others in his family and the mother's family. For the gov't to arbitrarily decide lack of blood relationship disqualifies him to see them, let alone take care of them just is not right. I have to wonder what the agenda of the cousins may be, at the risk of sounding a cynic.

The toilet paper scam - what will they think of next? And why didn't people do some checking or were they preying largely on oldsters? We have a septic tank and the only qualifier is not to use bleach, which breaks down the natural action of the field.

As to the woman and daughter and her home - YEA for the cops and the moving company. Foreclosures are at an all time high and banks, having been baled out, appear to have no desires to work with folks on mortgages and keeping them in their homes. The so-called "save the homes" legislation and bail out did few people any good. Despite not working and caring for Mom full time and always making her mortgage payments, my youngest sister was unable to qualify for any of the programs earlier and says it looks doubtful she'll qualify for the proposed new programs, which means she can keep her home for maybe a year, by maintaining mortgage payments set when the economy was high. After that, her income will be reduced, she won't be able to maintain the mortgage and the house is valued at considerably below the mortgage balance, so this is a personal issue for me. Given the tax money dedicated to bank and corporate bailouts, how do we justify the fact that people who've paid their mortgages, despite economic hardship, aren't able to refinance or get considerations to allow them to keep their homes?

Right now, it seems there's a lot more injustice than justice and right thinking and charity and compassion and justice going around.

Pat said...

You don't have to apologize for being late, Bill. In fact, you could even do something as radical as taking a day off. Just a thought. {g}

You can clean for me any time, with French maid costume or without. Your microwave exploded??? What on earth made it do that?

I agree that the first article represents a real injustice. I hope after the adoption is final, he'll at least be able to see the boys now and then.

I heard that toilet paper story on the radio. People are such idiots. Also saw the story about the deputies refusing to evict those old ladies. Good for the deputies!

William J. said...


These are three stories that came up in my in box and you hit the common threads right on the head.

At least let the young man see the boys, he we have a family that cares for each other, aren't on drugs, and is a solid unit and you tear them apart? How stupid is that?

The toilet paper scam they were preying mostly on the elderly. This time of year as sad as it is the elderly get hit hard. I love it when I am at Mom's we get two or three a day. I always give them my "I bet your mom is proud of you for having such a scumbag for a child."

The bank could have won a lot of public support by acting in the same compassionate manner that the movers and the cops did. I hope the rules change before your youngest sister loses her house.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

A day off would be unique. This is the first time for a couple weeks that I don't have to leave my house and that is exactly what I am going to do today, Stay home!

You know if I lived closer to you I would come over and clean your house for free to just help with what you are going through.

I think what made the microwave explode was the same thing that sometimes make me explode. Old age.

In the first story I would hope the dad would be able to see the children as often as possible.

The scams are usually conducted against the most vulnerable in our society.

I like the movers and the cops and still hate the banks.