Sunday, November 13, 2011

Late To Bed, Early to Rise, Makes This Dude Tired.

I am really late today. Late night last night watching the Oregon-Stanford game and then it took a while to wind down before going to bed. Oregon upset Stanford 53-30, they were three point underdogs to the Stanford Cardinals. This should move Oregon up to third in the nation in the human polls and 4th in the BCS (Bowl College System) and put them in reach of playing in the championship game this year. It will take some unlikely things to happen but it is possible!

Didn't get to bed until after eleven and then had to be up this morning to get ready for the breakfast with the boys. Ted, Bill, Leland, and moi. Finished that about one and then over to Mom's to do some shopping for her. That required trips to Walgrens and The Grocery Outlet. Just got home a few minutes ago.

I've pretty much kept you up to date on my life all week so will just ask for your updates. Will share some articles with you.

Even if you aren't religious the ten commandments are pretty good way to lead you life. But are they real? Did they exist? What about the ark?

If you were a landlord what kind of tenants would you like?

That is all today. The blog is all yours. Update me. Comment Away. Post anything you damn well please!


Lady DR said...

I'm just glad to see you and know all is well and you were late for fun reasons, mostly.

As to reality and the Ark and other artifacs... I go on faith. I believe the Ten Commandments were/are real and we'd be a lot better off if we obeyed them, along with Christ's teachings. Just think of the difference in the world, if we all adhered to "Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt have no other idols before me" (idols being money, power, ambition, material possessions).

I couldn't get to your second article but, having owned rental property, I've a pretty good idea of what I do and do NOT want in tenants. (I also hope to not own rental property again).

Happening week. Had Scamp spayed on Tuesday and the vet threatened to kidnap her, because she's not only so cute, but so sweet and lovable. Got educated and outfitted with a "test" TENs unit, which isn't going to work as we'd hoped, because the adhesive kicks up the skin allergies. We'll see if it works on a limited basis. Finished editorial project and looks like I have a couple weeks off to do some much-needed catch-up, inside and out. Had the secondary mammo and ultrasound and came out clear, as you know. YEA! Got in a bit of time in the yard. Bought a new-to-me Toyota Rav4 yesterday afternoon. Cringed at writing the check, but it needed to be done and I think I'm going to be well pleased. Only 21K miles, so barely broken in. We did a "Sunday drive" today and I've lots of errands to run tomorrow, so that will tell the tale. CarMax gives you five days to return the vehicle, no questions asked, if you don't like it. This is our fourth car from them. I'm tired - spending money does that to me.

William J. said...


It was mostly good reasons that I was late. Today is an all me day! As is tomorrow.

I corrected the link to the rental story. It is a story about Riverside County in the Los Angeles area charging prisoners $142 a day rent for their stay. Seems like a logical thing to do to me!

Like you about the Ark and the commandments I am a believer on faith also. If the world followed them, do unto others, honor thy mother and father, do not covet the neighbor's wife. What a pleasant world it would be.

Scamp just sounds so adorabel. Even whn she is suffering she is pleasant to be around. Sorry the TENs didn't work out. Good job on the editorial project. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ALL CLEAR!! Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I am looking forward to what you decide after five days.


Pat said...

The first link didn't work for me. I got the original story, but none of the other selections.

Interesting about the prison fee. Several small cities around here have implemented something like that, but it's voluntary on the prisoner's part. If they want a few extra amenities during their stay, they pay the room rate, otherwise, well, it's just jail. I can't remember what the amenities are, if indeed I ever knew.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am glad several small cities or charging prisoners rent. They shouldn't live for free after commiting crimes. Now if we can get Oregon cities to do it.