Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cute Videos,Free Beer, & Photos

The author of yesterday's quote was Faith Baldwin. Nothing cutter than animals. Nothing cuter than babies. What about animals and babies together:

Tonight at 5 Pacific Standard time the Oregon Ducks play the Stanford Cardinals in what should be one hell of a football game. If I were still a drinker I might like some free beer:

Dumb criminals. Got to love them.

Got any old photos lying around? Want to sell them? Don't say no so fast or at least until you checkout the following article:

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Pat said...

Animals and babies are both very cute. Home videos can be too long, especially when there's no bar to ff them to the end.

Free beer! That's a new one. I remember a similar sting here where they were notified they were Lottery winners, or some kind of big money winners, anyway, and should show up at some designated place/time to claim their prize. Greed won out and a whole bunch of miscreants were nabbed.

I wish I had a photo worth a million or two, but even my oldest snapshots probably wouldn't qualify, darn it.

Lady DR said...

Cute video, but I felt sorry for the little dog who either wanted to love the baby or retrieve it's ball and couldn't mange either.

Love the story on the beer busts. You just can't fix stupid.

Like Pat, wish I had a million dollar photo. I have a lovely night photo of the old Juneau-Douglas bridge, before it was torn down, but I suspect hundreds of folks have the very same print. It's not a perfect world.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The videos took an amazing amount of time to completely download, I didn't notice the lack of a FF button.

I also remember the lotto story. I just like the creative way the good guys scammed the bad guys.

I looked in my garage and found one photo worth ninety-eight cents. I wonder if I should keep looking.


William J. said...


I thought the video was cute but I also had some concerns about. I always here to keep infants and animals separate because the animal could accidently smother the baby but in this case there must have been an adult there taking the video.

The free beer story just made be both shake my head and laugh at the same time.

I wonder if the Juneau photo wouldn't have some value and if an Alaskan museum wouldn't be interested in it.


Lady DR said...

I think the issue of animals and babies depends on the animal and baby and adult supervision. Many dogs are very careful, caring and protective of babies, perhaps sensing they need caring for.

The Juneau photo? As I said, there are likely hundreds of them out there. Ah, well.

William J. said...


I think the key is having adults because like people even the good animals have their moments.