Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hop To It!

Lady Astor was the author of yesterday's quote. I've got to hop to it and get the blog entry done and posted before spending the day at Mom's. Then back by five to watch the Oregon-USC football game. It just seems the first article should be all about hopping:

I've been so busy since sister left that I not only have forgotten everyone's name, I've forgotten my own. That I was so happy to discover the following article:

Once in a while Mom will say something that will just knock the air out of me. You think is a light material? Not the lightest according to my research:

Comment Away. Then go have a great Saturday!


Pat said...

Cute frog! I hope they're not cannibals, though. That might be a problem. Otherwise, it's always good to see an "extinct" species come back.

I don't remember names, either. I remember people, but not their names. Usually, I just avoid using names if I can, and if I can't, I'll do #6, the "One-sided introduction dodge".

It's truly amazing that that metal lattice can be less dense than air! Who'd'a thunk it?

Lady DR said...

Sorry to hear you're meeting yourself coming and going. Slow down (wry s).

Intriguing story on the frog. What good news that recreating the original environment seems to have brought the frogs back. However, if they eat each other... no wonder there were so few to begin with.

Remembering names... I often try to listen to the conversation, hoping someone else will mention the person's name. If all else fails, I ask the person if they know what their name is, because I can't recall it.

While at that site, I explored Rubin's new book, The Happiness Project and plan to order it from the library, then decide whether to buy it. Like the author, I'm blessed and fortunate, but find myself complaining (even if just to me) or sometimes short with folks and have been exploring the issue of living a life with joy in every day. I also checked out the sidebar on the gal who lost all the weight and discovered that while she hated exercise, she found line dancing great fun and a great way to burn fat and calories, does it four days a week and credits it with being a big help in losing weight.

I've had a great Saturday, but am awfully glad tomorrow is Sunday and a day of rest, no work, as I did lots of that today!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I also hope the frogs aren't cannibals. Speaking of extinct things I hope someday honest politicians return to the earth.

Believe it or not I've done everyone on of the six things mentioned where names are concerned!

I didn't think there was anything less dense in air. I am really surprised by it.


William J. said...


No slowing down till Friday!

A species eating each other kind of helps to get rid of them. Maybe they can discover a way to keep them from doing that.

I actually have tried all six of Rubin's method to remember names. And I really like it when your curiousity explores more of the web sit. No wonder you are so informed! The Happiness Project does sound really interesting. I might follow you to the Library and check it out also.

On Dancing With The Stars Kirstie Alley lost seventy pounds and Rikki Lake has lost 30. Dancing is a great weight loss tool! Probably one of the main reasons you stay slim!

Enjoy your day tomorrow! You deserve a break!