Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the author of yesterday's quote.

Not much on the agenda today. I plan on going to the Body & Mind Expo at the Convention center this morning. Something different. On the way back I am getting Mom and taking her to get an anniversary gift and card for my sister and husband's anniversary tomorrow. Then this afternoon I am going to introduce my computer to my income tax program website so I can download some updates. The two have been arguing lately and I want them to make peace. Then this evening I am going to watch The Oregon Ducks take on Mary's Washington Huskies. Oregon has been doing good the last few years. Washington has been down but has been on the rise lately with some damn good coaching. Oregon is 7-1 and Washington is 6-2. This is the last game in Husky stadium due to some renovations. Going to be a great game!

And the game comes on the night that you have to set your clocks back an hour. Spring forward fall back. Don't forget!

The first article was brought to my attention by DR. Here is the link she provided:

I also thought DR's following comment was very interesting:

"One of the things it made me think about was the "lack" of certain cancers, when we were kids and during our parents' times. Maybe that was lack of diagnostics, but it seems to me that the key cancers were leukemia and maybe lung cancer. And I think about how our parents and grandparents worked, whether they were on the farm or in town. While it might not have been exercise as we think of it today - fitness centers - they and us kids got a lot of exercise, from kids playing outside to kids and parents helping in gardens, doing yard work, cleaning house (including windows!) and that sort of thing. There were no televisions or computers or video games or the like to just sit and watch or sit and play with. We were Active!"

Makes me pause a little. Also this week there was another cancer related article:

That is really surprising because how many articles have their been about wine being healthy for the heart? Confusing at best.

Let's end on a fun note. Well not that fun because it ends on a story about a wedding that ended. It only took seventy-two days for reality star Kim Kardashian to end her wedding to a basketball player. Still we should mourn the end of the wedding because by Hollywood Standards that is a long marriage:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Everybody's pushing that dreaded "E" word. DR is probably right that the lifestyles years ago were much more active and probably did help fend off a lot of diseases.

I saw that article about 2 glasses of wine increasing breast cancer risk somewhere else. I tell you, there's no way to organize a life these days. First they say that a glass of wine a day will protect your heart and maybe other things, then they shake their finger at you and say, "But don't drink more than one or you'll get breast cancer. Maybe". I think they are just toying with us, or getting perks for publishing studies that never should have seen the light of day.

Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage isn't a long marriage by anyone's standards, Hollywood or any place else. I finally asked someone why the Kardashians are famous. Apparently it's roll-off from the father being defense attorney for OJ Simpson. What a claim to fame! Do any of them do anything else? Sing? Dance? Act? Juggle?

Funny about those others, though. I wonder if any of them are politically for DOMA?

Lady DR said...

What did you think of the Mind/Body Expo? I've been to some and come away shaking my head at some booths and having picked up some solid ideas and information at others. Good luck getting the computer and program talking nicely! My clocks are all set back, except my watch.

I'm with you and Pat on the confusion about health information. Yes, everyone seems to be pushing exercise, but there's a long, long history of its benefits, even if we didn't see some of them until in retrospect. The wine - drink it, don't drink it, drink "x" amount, don't exceed "x" amount. I've reached the point where when I see twenty-five studies, done under the exact same conditions, covering a period of a lot of years, I'll give it some serious thought. One study, or two or three that don't have matching criteria, just don't get it for me.

As to the marriages... I have no comment, beyond the fact I begin to wonder if marriages are made to create media sensation over a soon-to-follow divorce. I really know next to nothing about any of the individuals featured and, thus, I really don't care. In how many cases, is it "you can't fix stupid?"

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I guess getting up and doing things is the healthy way to go. I need to listen to that.

I am with you. It seems women lose either way. You drink wine to say your heart and die of cancer. You don't drink wine and die of a heart attack. Those studies use such a small population I wonder just how accurate they are.

Kardashians basically have created their own fame with their own stupid reality show that people actually watch. I wonder if that says more about them or the people that watch them.

I am guessing those involved in short marriages have no idea what they are for or against.


William J. said...


The Mind/Body Expo has really went downhill from that last time I went a couple of years ago. About half of the exhibitors. The big thing now is "medical guidance readings" which is just not something I believe in. Still it was a fun morning just to do something different.

I even took a nap yesterday and stayed up late, still I got up way to early.

Get up and get going is my new motto but not because of conflicting studies but because it makes me feel better.

A lot of the marriages mentioned in the article were media marriages. What a waste of time and money.