Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm taking a break from searching for articles today. We are just going to have an old fashioned update Sunday.

Last week was great. I do think I tired Mom out. The week started out with a nice dinner last Sunday with the wonderful Don and Belva and their beautiful daughter Christine. Monday was a night the caregiver wasn't supposed to work but with sis gone she worked Monday. In return I took her and Mom to dinner Monday night. Tuesday was my day at Mom's. We rested, cleaned, and played Scrabble. Wednesday was a nice lunch at The Astor House Retirement community with new residents, Mom's friends Rod and Marion. Thursday I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for eight. Yes you read that right, I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, string bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and a fruit salad. Despite my cooking there were no food related emergency room visits and some people even asked if they could take leftovers home. I am now basking in my success and thinking about taking cooking classes. Friday I made Mom lunch and helped her with a few things like ordering checks for her. She had a really good day with some surprising things happening. Saturday was making lunch for Mom, watching the Oregon football game with my nephew who was in Portland to attend a wedding, and taking mom to dinner. We wanted to drop a housewarming gift off for Rod & Marion and just went to dinner near there and then dropped off the package.

On the agenda this week at some point is probably some rest. Today I am heading over to the Doofus Crew to watch a little bit of football, I am not staying very long because I have to be at Mom's to make her lunch and help her put dinner together. But I wanted to stop by the doofus crew to wish Ted good luck. He is having open heart surgery tomorrow. Tomorrow after noon and night, Tuesday day and night, Wednesday until about one are at Mom's. Sister is coming back tomorrow so she will do Wednesday night and then I won't have to be back to Mom's until the following Tuesday. So Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Momday are resting, getting my house in order, and Christmas Shopping.

Sister and her husband had a great time on their trip. They visited his son for a couple of days and her daughter for a couple of days and they were able to go to the Dallas Cowboy football game on Thanksgiving Day. They were hosted by the CEO of the television my niece is the morning anchor so had a suite with food and drinks free! By the way Mom and I have been taking care of my sister's cat, Max while they have been gone. Max has taken to me and follows me everywhere when I am at Mom's. Normally not a lap sitter but Max is on my lap whenever I sit down. I will have mised emotions when Max returns home, will miss him but not the work that comes with it!

The blog is now yours to do with whatever you please, update, vent, ask for support, or just commeny way with anything that is on your mind.


These is the suite my Sister and her husband were in at the football game:

My neice is on the right, her friend and co-worker is on the left. This is thre front of the suite they were in:


Pat said...

Lots of good vibes to your friend Ted! Nothing like open heart surgery during the holidays!

So it looks like you'll have a whole week of from mom's? Bless sister's little heart! Enjoy!

dona said...

Hey Bill, as usual your week seems pretty busy, but good busy. Your dinner sounded great, I am betting you are a great cook. I hope you get both some rest and fun on your days off.

Thx for pics, what a Nice & Pretty niece you have.
Sending prayers and good wishes to your friend Ted.

Lady DR said...

You've had another busy week, with lots of good stuff. Good job on the dinner! We did ham, as well, many of the same side dishes. I'm suspecting you don't need cooking classes, just a couple good cookbooks and the time to spend in the kitchen. Glad you're looking forward to some time off. So glad Sis and husband were able to see their kids and how great they had "premier" seats for the football game. Your niece is as pretty as ever.

Sending prayers and positive vibes Ted's direction. Here's hoping his surgery and recovery go as well as Mom's did (her subsequent "problems" were complications totally unrelated to the surgery).

Been a good week here. The TENs unit seems to be working well and I hope that continues to be the case during the "test period," as it's allowed me to do dancing and a couple days or more or yard work, raking and mulching and "dressing" gardens. The break from work has been just what I needed and have caught up on some stuff. Winter clothes are in and summer clothes are out in the shed, autumn is packed away and ready to start Christmas decorating. Tree is in the stand and lower branches are "unfolded." Had a fun evening with acquaintances here for spaghetti dinner early in the week Thoroughly enjoyed lengthy conversations with niece and nephews on Thanksgiving - hard to believe they're all adults and wonderful to hear how well they're all doing.

How come you and I are the only ones who post weekly reports?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Yup it will get about six days in a row off after being there for sixteen days in a row!!

Thanks for the good wishes re Ted!


William J. said...

Hello Dona

Hope things are getting back to normal and The Shankster is listening to you!!

I am a cook in training that could be a good cook with the right training and knifes.

Lisa is a beautiful gal and I know Ted appreciates your prayers.


William J. said...


OK, I am going to look for the right cookbooks! Ham is so much easier than turkey and I like it better. I am really glad my sister and her husband got the opportunity to spend time with their kids and then top it off with a great day at a football game!

Thanks for the prayers and positive vibes for Ted. I know he appreciates them. It is a quadruple bypass. I'm rooting for him.

Great news about the TENs working. I hope the test period turns in to long term success and that you will be dancing forever. Glad you were able to get a break from work and that you used it to catch up! Tree up already is an accomplishment! And what is better than good food and good conversations with friend!

It does get a little trying when only you and I post reports. One of the main reasons I quit doing regular checkups.