Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope this day is filled with family, friends, food, and for us guys football.

What I am thankful for:

The followers of the blog. You all know who you are! I love you all. There has now been about forty five thousand visits to the blog. I appreciate every one.

My Facebook friends.

The Dad I had.

The Mom I have.

The sister that helps me every day

The brother-in-law that treats mom so well and is truly my friend.

The brother I wish I would see more often.

My Albany Cousins

My sister cousin, Dixie and her siblings, Denny & Dave

My uncle Frank and Aunt Velma, truly a second set of parents.

Mom's friends Rod and Marion. We had a nice dinner with them yesterday. I hope when I am in my mid eightiest I can be as generous, as nice, as thoughtful, and as thankful as they are.

My friend Nancie who doesn't kill me if I wait to long to call.

My Section 16 friends.

My bosses and coworkers at Napier & Company. They ask me back every year and make
me feel useful and wise.

The caregiver Susan who gives sis and I nights off.

My Sunday morning football friends, Ted, Leland, Bill E, Greg, Jay, Doug, & Moi. Also known as The Doofus Crew we share more than football.

The Chaos Chronicles hosted by the beautiful and talented Lian Dolan..

They Chaos Crew. What a great group. How happy I am that so many "friended" me.

The Satellite Sisters hosted by the Dolan sisters, Sheila, Liz, Monica, Julie, & Lian. They let me post on their blog!

The sun rising over Mount Hood in the morning.

My Education.

My sense of humor that some say I have!

All the people that give up their time to Volunteer to help someone. Whether it be the disadvantaged, the elderly, sick children, the ill of all ages, or animals in need. Appreciated by me every day.

The Moon and its changing shapes.



Ashland, Oregon

The Columbia Gorge

My microwave.

The Ducks football team.

The Beavers Basketball team.

My Korean dry cleaner who makes me smile when he says "you always make me happy when you come in"

The ability to appreciate little things. A smile from a clerk. A teen opening a door for my mom in a wheelchair. Free cups of coffee for Mom and I and the clerk saying "just because."

The history of Thanksgiving:

And most of all I am Thankful for those that will forgive me if I forgot to mention them today. You know everyday how much I appreciate you!

Today's Quote

Mary Ritter Beard authored yesterday's quote. "There is something in the decay of nature that awakens thought, even in the most trifling mind" was authored by an American writer and an influential editor. She is the author of a very famous nursery rhyme. She famously campaigned for the creation of the American holiday known as Thanksgiving, and for the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument. She was born in 1788 and died in 1879. If you have ever had a little lamb you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Lady DR said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are reading.

I have so much to be thankful for, starting with the food in the oven to the crisp sunny day.

My parents and family and childhood, which taught me values and priorities.

My husband, his patience and understanding, love and support.

The Sacred Circles.

The supportive and caring group at the pool.

My health, which allows me to do so many things I enjoy doing, and Himself's health, which allows the same.

All the material blessings that make our life pleasant, cozy and enjoyable, including our home, clothes, groceries.

Our dogs, especially the little Scamp.

Clients, almost all of whom are wonderful.

Boxes of yarn for making hats and scarves and prayer shawls.

Living in a beautiful area of the country, small town life, leaves to rake and gardens to prepare for winter.

May you all have a blessed day and may you all have as many things to be grateful for.

William J. said...

Great List!!!

Thanks for contributing DR!