Monday, November 14, 2011

Brain Freeze & Hitchhiking

Monday, Monday. Getting a lot of rest in because Thursday begins twelve days of increased Mom care. First up to day is how to increase you brain power:

I am seriously considering mediation!

Nordstrom's gets my thumbs up for holding off putting Christmas stuff out until the day after Thanksgiving, They want to celebrate one holiday at a time and I am completely with them. Apparently I am not the only upset about the rush to Christmas:

Have your ever hitchhiked? I don't think if I was as old as the hitchhiker in the next story I would hitchhike:

Comment Away.


I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well. Was authored by an American poet and prose writer, whose works on science and natural history reflect a wonder of the natural world who was born in 1948 and describes herself as a sensuist. Have you heard of A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SENSES?


Lady DR said...

Geez, Bill, how long have I been advocating meditation to you anyone else who might listen? Yes, it does improve brain power. Equally important, in reduces stress and anxiety, increases sense of well-being and "fixes" perspective that may have become negative or resigned. The only two important issues are the deep breathing (usually count three for inhale, six for exhale, but what ever doubled combination works AND Do Not Judge any thoughts. Let them come, let them go, count breathing, if you begin to fixate on a thought. Try it for just a week. As I was told, the only "bad" or "wrong" meditation is the one you don't do.

I join you in the thumbs up for Nordstroms. We've had Christmas stuff in the big box stores and others since just before Halloween. I also have a problem with Black Friday. I realize many people have that day off, so are free to shop, but it means all the sales people Do Not have the day off to enjoy families who may have come some distance for a four day weekend. Why can they not do their big specials on Saturday of the weekend following Thanksgiving?

Is part of all this the fact that Christmas has become a commercial free-for-all, rather than a holiday season to enjoy friends and family and celebrate the real reason for Christmas?

Pat said...

Good grief! Now I suppose I need to try meditating again. I've been a dismal failure at it when I tried before. Can't seem to turn the brain off.

You are definitely not the only one upset by the rush to Christmas. Everyone I know, including myself, hates that rush. And the Black Friday thing annoys me also, though I suppose anyone who wants a bargain that badly is welcome to it. I wouldn't go near a store that day. I feel for the people who are forced to work those weird hours on a holiday, and I hope they all get paid OT at least.

I have never hitchhiked, unlike the mite in the story, which was very cute. I remember during WWII my dad would always pick up servicemen hitchhiking, and I got to ride in the back seat with a lot of cute guys. {g}

Lady DR said...

Pat, you don't want or need to turn the brain off. Thoughts will come. The secret is to let them go. Kind of in one ear, out the other. Counting your breathing helps. And don't beat yourself up or call it a failure. It takes practice. And some days, the mind is determined to scramble. Let it.

William J. said...


I actually thought of you when I shared the first article. I am deep breathing as I write this. I am also trying to be thoughtless while I am doing this. OK, I am with your nudging going to try this for a week.

Some of the stores put out Christmas stuff in July. I am with you on Black Friday. Have the sale all weekend.

I think we need to get back to celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Just find a quiet place and close your eyes for fifteen minutes or a half of an hour. If thoughts come into your brain, so be it.

I guess the question I have if everyone hates it so much why are the stores so busy? I don't even think of Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.

One Christmas in K. Falls when we our house was on Hwy 97 a main highway out of Klamath there were two Air Force guys hitchhiking and Mom went out and got them and served them dinner. Then did took them to the bus depot and paid their fare. Sounds like our dads were alike!