Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Just got back from my breakfast out with the guys. Found out that my friend Ted is having heart surgery on the twenty-eighth of this month so good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

I am lazy today so feel like doing much on the blog so if you want to bail me your updates would be very much appreciated.

Just a couple of articles today. If you by a lottery ticket do you know where it is so you won't lose a two hundred and forty-five million winner?

Do you believe him or is trying to scam the lottery officials?

Doesn't look like there is a gas shortage. Well at least some types of gases:;_ylt=AuizuoZkBHLXZeyVgWjtxu6s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTQ3YWNpN212BG1pdANTZWN0aW9uTGlzdCBGUCBTY2llbmNlBHBrZwNlNTYxMzQwZS1kOGRlLTMwNjgtYmE4Mi05ZThkMGJmZmFmNzAEcG9zAzMEc2VjA01lZGlhU2VjdGlvbkxpc3QEdmVyA2UyMzM3NTA0LTA2ZWItMTFlMS1hZDkyLTc4ZTdkMTVkM2MxYw--;_ylg=X3oDMTFpNzk0NjhtBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

Comment and Update Away


Lady DR said...

Will definitely add Ted to my prayer list. The guy with the lost lottery ticket sounds like a scam, unless he can show he routinely buys tickets with those exact number on a regular basis.

The global warming... I'm still not quite sure where this is all going, as the earth itself emits various gasses at certain times during history and ice age/warm age are historically documented.

Seems like I was going all week, but not sure I got anyplace. Two app'ts with the chiro and one with massage therapist and I think we're going to try a TENs unit and see if that helps. Four sessions at the pool. Editorial. Ordered a Rav4 to be delivered to local CarMax for a test drive next week. Late model, really low mileage, almost within budget we set. Fun morning yesterday at the knitting group, where I ended up holding "lessons" on mixing yarns and making yarn flowers with a little loom. It is such fun to see "light bulbs" go off and people start to think outside the box.

Busy week next week - get fit for TENs, probably, Scamp gets spayed, funeral on Weds, tests on Thursday, maybe a test drive on Friday.

Could use prayers and good thoughts - I "flunked" my mammogram and they want further images and tests (Thursday). I've talked to so many who've had false positives and fluid cysts, I'm feeling quite positive, but prayers always help. Thanks, guys.

Mary said...

Ugh, DR, you definitely have my good thoughts coming your way. I have flunked several mammos, and been called back for followups, and it's the scariest thing. They always tell me it's nothing and send me away, but the waiting is nerve-wracking. Fingers crossed, it's nothing. You should maybe let the group know so we can get our famous vibes going for you.

My week is going to be much more relaxed than last week. Teach three classes and get my students ready for their final. Start working on my last project for the class I'm taking (an IRS protest letter). One night meeting at the high school.

dona said...

Hi Bill and prayers are headed your way for you friend Ted. I hope all goes well with him.

DR, You have the rest of my good thoughts and prayers. First off good luck on the TENs unit, I have had those a few times for different reasons, can't say they ever did me any good, but I hope it works for you!
And a lot of prayers on "passing" further images on the mammo. I Flunked my first and that was over 20 years ago, I can't tell you how many more that I have been asked to come back and take more, and the waiting is the worst, so good thoughts/vibes are all with you hoping its just a false reading.

Lady DR said...

Mary and Dona, thanks so much for the prayers and good vibes. It's interesting that the few "real" folks and the SC with whom I shared my prayer request have all come back with comments like yours - scary as heck, but all well in the long run. I've turned it over to God and, knowing so many are sending prayers and good thoughts, I'm not near as scared as I was the morning I got the phone call.

Mary, glad to hear your week is going to be more relaxing.

Dona, I continue to keep you and the Shankster and your families in my prayers. My e-mail hiccupped last week and I thought I saw a brief message from you, but didn't catch it.

Time will tell on the TENs. I've known folks for whom it worked wonders and others for whom it did nothing. Thankfully, my doc will let me "test drive" it for several weeks and make a decision on its benefits.

Pat said...

Good wishes coming for Ted! And DR, you know I'm in your corner for it to be another false alarm. Many vibes coming.

Too bad for the guy who lost the winning Lottery ticket. How dumb is that? Do I believe him? I dunno. Would he be stupid enough to make that up and expect anyone to believe him with no proof?

That is an amazing leap in carbon emissions. And we have ourselves to blame. Ourselves and the Chinese, and somewhat every developing country. Will we wake up and make the needed changes? My guess is probably not.

William J. said...


First and foremost you have all my prayers and good thoughts for a good outcome on Thursday!! Please keep us in the loop.

Ted will certainly appreciate the prayers!!

I ama global warming skeptic but when I read one scientist recently changed his mind about it and I see pictures of chunks of Iceland going off to sea it is starting to make a beiliever out of me.

Good luck on the Tens! The car sounds pretty darn good! The yarn groups sounds not only fun but willing to learn new things!

Scamp has my good vibes, Sorry about the need to attend a funeral.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

Glad you are having a relaxed week for a change the unrelaxed ones are going to be here soon!

Teaching three classes sounds like a lot of work. You will nail the IRS protest letter! Maybe use one situation from the e-mail group as the format!


William J. said...


So damn good to see you here. I think about you and The Shankster daily and hope your lives have turned around and you are not dealing with all the crap you have been for so long. If anyone deserves a break from the stress you two do!

Ted will no doubt appreciate the prayers and good thoughts.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I know Ted appreciates your good wishes.

Extremely stupid to lose the lottery ticket when I buy a ticket for a 245 million dollar jackpot I sleep with it. I don't believe the guy, I think he is one of thos dumb criminals that we love so much.

I was surprised not so much at the leap in emissions for at the size of it. The chance of us making the needed changes are slim and none.


dona said...

Bill, so glad to be back, I think I have a couple months of your posts to look at, to try and catch up on you all.

Its been a very long few months, we were gone from the house for about 6 weeks, and the month or so before that were gone each day well into the nite and didn't have time to think or do anything else, and I am still trying to stock up on groceries. Dad ate everything he could while I was gone, but didn't replenish a thing, I guess I have him spoiled. I figured I would need to take out a small loan just for groceries stock up! But he survived me being gone.

I now need to focus on keeping the Shankster as busy as possible, so he won't "think" so much. He is just devastated.

I did want to thank you and everyone here who sent prayers our way, they were sure appreciated and helped so much. I am so glad I found you all here, its such a comfort to have "friends" to listen and pray for you when you need it. Thanks to you all