Friday, November 25, 2011

The Inspiring, The Loyal, & The Big Tipper

Black Friday is going to have a missing ingredient. Me. No way am I going out to fight those crowds. Just not worth it.

Let's start the day with a very inspiring story:

The follow story just touched my heart to the core. I find it both sad and heartwarming:

Are you a big tipper? I think the most tip I've ever left was one hundred dollars for a hundred dollar tab. It was a case when the people with me kind of were not nice to the waitress and I tried to make up for it.


Sarah Josepha Hale authored yesterday's quote. "The power of a book lies in its power to turn a solitary act into a shared vision. As long as we have books, we are not alone" was authored by the wife and daughter-in-law of presidents. She was born in 1946 in Midland, Texas. She met her husband during his first campaign for Congress; he lost the race, but won her hand and they were married three months after they met. She had been working as an elementary school teacher and librarian. Uncomfortable with public speaking, she has nevertheless used her popularity to promote her husband's candidacies, to promote reading for children, and to work on awareness of women's health problems including heart disease and breast cancer. Who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

I'll be another missing shopping ingredient today. Especially after I heard the story of a woman shopper pepper-spraying people who were in her way. I think it was at a Walmart. At another Walmart, a guy came out of the store with purchases and was confronted by another guy with a gun who wanted to take said purchases. The victim turned and ran back toward the store and was shot for his trouble. Fortunately, apparently the wound was not serious and he did make it inside the store. The first story came from around here; the gun story from somewhere else.

Otherwise, good stories. Gabby Giffords' recovery so far is nothing short of remarkable, and yes, that dog story is very touching.

You left a hundred buck tip for a hundred buck meal? Wow! That was that waitress's lucky day! I'd guess that made up for a lot of rudeness. I try to slightly overtip to get rid of the reputation that older women have for not tipping, but I sure never left one that big!

Lady DR said...

Looks like several us "missed" the
Black Friday madness. The folks at the pool all agreed nothing could induce them to go to a store or mall today, unless it was absolutely critical. I did stop at Bilo and pick up needed prescriptions (g)

Giffords is proving to be an inspiration in so many ways. It was interesting to watch the video and see how seamlessly her husband dealt with and helped with the fact she apparently still can't use the right arm.

The story about the dog is so sad and yet you have to feel good about the dog's loyalty and about the fact the villagers are feeding it, getting water and building a kennel, recognizing its need to be at the grave.

I sure hope you didn't go out for dinner with that particular group again. Still, I'm not surprised you did it. Like Pat, I tend to overtip, usually 20%, rather than the recommended 15%, and more if the service is good or we sit at the table longer than usual or we have maybe just pie and coffee somewhere. I worked as a cocktail waitress and my sister put herself through college as a waitress, so I know how hard wait staff works, some of the horrors they have to put up with and how many people walk off without leaving a tip, regardless of level of service. I can remember only one time we didn't tip a waitress and that was because the service was awful and her attitude was worse, right up there with surly. When Himself paid the bill, he didn't add a tip and he told the manager why.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Looks like Black Friday went on without us. I read both of those stories and just shook my head. The pepper spraying was so the lady could get a better place in line. Talks about stupid.

I love Giffords' story. She is an amazing woman and he is the most loyal of husbands. What an inspiration.

The hundred dollar thing was a meeting with a potential client. A supposedly wealthy one. Because of the way he treated the waitress I told him I wasn't the CPA for him.


William J. said...


Most of us here don't go for the Black Friday madness yet they are still so darn busy! Here they even drive from forty or fifty miles away to go to the malls. Crazy. My pharmacy is in a grocery store. The groceries stores were empty.

Giffirds is an amazing woman but boy would any woman be lucky to have her husband as a spouse. He is so loving and supportive.

There was a lot to feel good about in the dog story but it is so sad that he misses his owner so much. And so people say animals don't have emotions.

Nope I didn't go out with that group again. I refused the man as a client and told him why. I always overtip because I know waitresses and waiters pay income tax on 8% of the gross they write in a day whether they get that much in tips or not. I've not tipped a few times because of terrible service that is the waitresses or waiters fault. Being short staffed is the manager's fault, getting the food late is the cook's fault. I try to take that into consideration.