Monday, November 28, 2011

Healthy Differences

A lot of people have differences with each other during the holiday season. Just like cats and dogs. After taking care of a cat that thought he was a dog I found the following article interesting:

It is a deadly disease and sometimes a silent killer but it can be reversed unlike what some medical professionals tell you:

Speaking of health, here is the answer to the age old question does cold weather cause a cold?

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Pat said...

Interesting stuff about cats & dogs. Most is self-evident, but I sure didn't know that it was dangerous to diet a cat down quickly. The differences in memory time is new to me, also.

As to catching a cold just from being out in cold weather, I've been trying to debunk that one for years! Nobody ever believes me, even though I never went so far as saying it was good for your immune system. In fact, I didn't know that before now. I did know that if you're rundown and out in the cold too long, you can be more susceptible to germs, but with no germs around, you won't get sick from it.

Lady DR said...

Interesting article on cats/dogs and interesting video. Didn't know about the memory differences - cats hold grudges . Did know cats aren't pack animals, for the most part. While I don't pretend to be unprejudiced, I'll take my puppies over a cat, having owned both, just because I like the increased give and take and affection of the dogs. Makes it worth the extra effort supposedly required. (Says the women with 8# of fur curled up in her lap - G)

Diabesity is a term I'd never heard, but the guy raises some interesting points. Once again, so much goes back to life style and eating/exercise habits. I did find it interesting he said the model of the future is going to be personal health care, (as opposed to relying on physicians, I gather). I think that's already happening. If you don't know your body and when something's wrong and don't insist on finding the source, rather than treating symptoms, you're not going to get many answers, in many cases.

I was raised with many of they myths about colds. Much as I dislike cold weather, I can't deny that even a few minutes outside in winter often makes me feel a bit better about the world and myself.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I didn't know about the diet thing either and the memory time was a shocker for me.

I am glad I am not the only one that thought it was stupid that cold weather caused a cold. Going out with wet hair in the cold doesn't either.


William J. said...


The memory differences suprised me also and certainly didn't know cats hold grudges. I knew dogs were pack animals and that cats weren't. I'm prejudiced the other way I prefer cats because they are less work and just as loving.

Diabesity is a great term and I hadn't heard of it either. Lifestyle is so important, the one thing I am learning as I age. Personal health care is already happening as you point out.

I think there is nothing more refreshing as going out in the morning and have the cold weather slap you in the face!