Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Week Of Losses

This past week has been one of losses. My cousin Jack that I mentioned before on the blog is in hospice and not expected to make it beyond the next couple of days. My friend Judy that was part of a women's group that I am part of and have known for over twenty years passed away. And Oscar, the four year old son my England Internet friend, Anthony, was taken by brain cancer. My heart just goes out to the families of Jack, Judy, and Oscar.

On to next week. Today I will be at Mom's to fix her lunch and then Mom and I are going to meet some wonderful cousins (Don & Belva) and their beautiful daughter Christine at Claim Jumper for dinner. Looking forward to it. Monday I am taking Mom and Susan, the caregiver, for dinner. Tuesday night is at Mom's. Wednesday Mom & I are going to lunch at Rod and Marion's. They are friends of Mom that had to move to assisted living two weeks ago. Their facility has their Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday for lunch and we have been invited to be a part of it. Wednesday night is at Mom's. Thursday I am cooking for ten and maybe spending the night at Mom's. Friday I am avoiding the stores!

What does your coming week look like? What went on with you last week?

Today just a couple of articles to share.

Sunday for the last few weeks has been a day to look at houses:

I like all of the houses, can probably afford one or two but the idea of moving keeps me staying put. It is just to damn much work.

While flying around from open house to open house we may need to stop for gas:;_ylt=AjW8R3CFDV_sLjl1Lfzgw7ftiBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTNqNGdubWp2BGNjb2RlA2N0LmMEcGtnA2JhODE1MTYyLTliODMtMzA0Mi05ZjdiLTdiZGI1ZGU4ZDhiOARwb3MDNARzZWMDbW9zdF9wb3B1bGFyBHZlcgM2MjIwY2ZjZS0xMTNiLTExZTEtYjFiMy1mZmJlNjAyYjAyMDc-;_ylg=X3oDMTIwdWJsZnJ1BGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lfG9kZG5ld3MEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3

Comment Away. Update me on your life. Post anything you damn well please.


Pat said...

So sorry about all the losses, Bill. They come more and more steadily as we get older, it seems. But cases like Oscar's just aren't FAIR!

I really like that Tucson house. Obviously I'm not looking only at houses I might conceivably afford.

Weird story about stopping the flight so passengers would pay for gas. Are the rules for charter flights THAT different? I doubt it.

Lady DR said...

Bill, I'm so sorry to hear about Jack's condition. And Oscar - as Pat says, it just doesn't seem fair. Losses are never easy, but it's so hard when they come in multiples.

Sounds like a busy week for you! Most of it sounds like fun.

Enjoyed the house tour, but didn't see anything that jumped out and called my name. I'm quite happy where I am, although I'd like about $100K to do some renovations (G). Easier to renovate and stay in a place I love (location), then consider moving. The airline story is so strange!

Happening week here. Did the dog therapy session at Sr Action and got some information. Sold the Focus (yea!), the buyer is a landscaper, who's coming next week to dig the holes for the new gate and haul off the infamous burn pile (double yea!) Did a "webinar" on publishing issues and learned how much I don't know about recent changes, got all the paperwork and running around done to finalize sale of car, refunds on tag and property taxes, line dance, therapy massage, pool. A couple hours raking and mulching leaves (boy! do we have leaves), starting to "dress" gardens for winter and spring. Progress on the projects 'to do' list for my time off. Experimenting with reflexology and acupressure as another means to attack the hip issue. Further experimenting with the TENs unit as an option.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

There is a lot of things that were so unfair about Oscar. He is a twin and shortly after the twins were born the mother died of cancer. That left Anthony as a single dad of two young boys. Then shortly after he has to deal with a dying child. The twin and Anthony are working through it. The courage they have shown is very inspiring.

I also like the Tucson house. Lottery winnings put to good use.

I didn't think the rules for charter flights were that different. Now I am questioning that.


William J. said...


See the note about Oscar to Pat.

It is going to be a very fun week. And I think it will go pretty fast.

I just like looking at houses and dreaming even though the odds are that I will never move or buy another house.

The dog therapy sounds both fun and intriguing. Congratulations on selling the Focus. What an interesting tidbit to the sale. That the buyer can help you too!
The publishing industry is changing so fast. Way to go to make time for the line dance, therapy massage, and pool. Let me know what you think about reflexology and acupressure.


Lady DR said...

Will keep you posted on acupressure and reflexology. Have discovered/remembered various "tools" I've picked up over the years and never used.

Did you get a chance to give meditation a try this week? I should have mentioned that many times my meditation time is largely relaxation techniques and prayer time. Technically, that's not "emptying" the mind, but it certainly takes it off the spin cycle and focuses it on more important issues.

As to the buyer, two other people are already interested in our recommendations, after he does the work for us.

snugpug said...

Hi Bill, I'm sorry it's been such a tough week for you. Hugs.

William J. said...


Looking forward to hearing abpit the accupressure and reflexology.

I didn't try meditation yet but am going to try to do it every morning from now on while I am waiting for the newspaper to be delivered.

Wow buying your car may be the best thing the landscaper ever did!


William J. said...


Always good to see you post. Thanks for the nice message.


dona said...

So Sorry for all your losses Bill. Hugs to you and all your family and friends.

Sounds like you have another busy week ahead, I hope you have a wonderful visit with your cousins.

Who wouldn't like the Tucson house? The pool looks so inviting. I also like looking and dreaming about homes. I did also like the Manchester home, but liked the inside of the Spokane home better...I like a home with lots of cabinets or built in hutches.

The last couple of weeks have been just trying to get back into the swing of normal...trying to catch up on groceries, cleaning, getting outdoors ready for winter. Then getting swept away for a few nites to care for grandsons as daughter in laws mom is not doing well. Took a day to move rest of antiques home, so a lot of moving and cleaning. I still have to keep the Shankster busy, but he doesn't like cleaning much.
This week will see more cleaning to make room for the rest of my furniture, its all home with me now after 8 years. Homie doesn't dust and apparently I have slacked off from it so find myself doing a lot of dusting!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Sorry for the late response but Google is doing weird things and sending half the messages to spam instead of notifying by email. Now that I know what they are doing I can look for it.

It is always delightful when I see you have posted a message.

Just two more events now! I am so looking forward to Friday! The visit with the cousins was great. Don and Belva are just really nice people and their daughter Christine is just beautiful.

I am going to win the lottery one of these days and buy the Tucson house and we can all live there together and take turns keeping The Shankster in line!

Getting back to normal after a shock is very hard, often emotional, and hard work. I am you are almost there. I hope the mom is doing better too.

If I was closer I would help you clean. I am really good at it.

You didn't slack off, you just gave the dust a break.