Friday, November 4, 2011

Rant Then Articles

I had a decent three days at Mom's. She did pretty well while I was there and she always seems to be better after I have been there for a few days. Tuesday we fixed dinner in. Wednesday we went out for a nice dinner. Thursday I took Mom to the doctor to get her lab tests. Her lab tests were at 8:45 and her appointment with the doctor was at 9:00. Then in the evening we went to dinner with sis and her husband. In between there were ten games of scrabble (I won six), a couple of visits from friends of Mom's (they needed assistance because of the financial reports they had to fill out to move into assisted living) and a visit from representative of a media research firm. Pretty busy.

Today I am having a lunch meeting that I am not really looking forward to. Remember the guy from last year that I ended up training and how hard it was to train him? The firm didn't ask him back this year. The reason they gave him is they were going to give more work to the two interns from last year that did so well. The real reason is that he treated the secretarial pool like crap. I really want to distance myself from him because he is so clueless. Here is an excerpt from his email this morning:

"looking forward to our lunch today at ruby tuesday at 12:00

couple of questions i want to discuss

1-is there anyone who provides volunteer tax services that is not super liberal (like AARP who i hate)
2-what do you think about doing tax classes to maintain my liscense--if so, who would you go to"

What bugs me to no end is that any idiot that spends two minutes with me knows I am Liberal and how insulting that statement about "super liberal" would be. And anyone that knows me, knows how much I hate labeling of person or a group. Besides it is extremely debatable that AARP is "super liberal" How soon they forget how many Democrats terminated their membership when AARP supported the Iraq war. Even if it was a "super liberal" organization if I wanted to volunteer then damn it leave the political bias and bullshit behind and volunteer. You might even help a Republican or two. I have no doubt that they seek out free help with their taxes from AARP as well as Democrats. As to his license status all he has to do his call the board that licenses him and get a list of classes.

I am really relieved that he isn't going to be back to the firm this tax season. A friend of mine that knows the female boss at the firm said they really want to make me happy and that they thought he took up to much of my time (I didn't say a word to the bosses). They have moved me into a bigger office. They are just going to leave me alone to work on my stats. That is important because my compensation is partially bonus based and they want to make sure I end up with more money. The less time doofus training the more time building up commission.

OK, rant over. On to the a couple of articles for the day. First, how stupid can people be:

Second how great can people be:

Third how big can we dream:

Comment Away. If I am not in jail for murder I will respond to the comments after the lunch appointment.


Amelia Bloomer (born Amelia Jenks) authored yesterday's quote. "It is not easy to be a pioneer -- but oh, it is fascinating! I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment, for all the riches in the world" was authored by a true groundbreaker, a featured woman on one of the Who Am I of the days. Featured because she was the first woman doctor in the United States. She was born in 1821 and died in 1910. With just this little bit of information you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Pat said...

I'm hoping your lunch went as well as could be expected, and that in the future this guy will leave you alone, though I wouldn't hold my breath for the last part.

In the first story, though at first I thought 'let the poor guy hang his flag, for hevvinssakes', when I read on, I guess I have to admit the management has a point about how if they allow one, who knows what else might get hung on their building. It's a valid point, though I find it a little hard to believe it would be a problem in senior housing.

Good for that girl for getting a petition going. I certainly wouldn't give her "credit" for making B of A change its corporate mind, since there was a huge outcry all over the country about this. But she certainly did her part, and deserves a little applause.

I don't have to go any farther than the first house. I love that part of New Mexico, so I'll take the Los Alamos house, thank you.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The lunch went as well as can be expected with the holidays coming up and then tax season I have built in excuses for declining inivitations.

They did give the woman in the second story way to much credit for taking down B of A, several banks changed their mind about fees and B of A just followed along.

I think you can exempt things from rules in the first story. "Only American flags from military personnel will be allowed to be displayed " would protect against any other flags being flown.

I kind of cringed at the first house because it was on a hill. My favorite was the San Jose one.


Mary said...

I am glad you got rid of your doofus. I wish I could get rid of mine. We just hired him back again, and he's so HAPPY to SEE me! My stomach hurts.

Lady DR said...

Rant away, my dear. It was certainly valid. As we've all agreed, you just can't fix stupid and this guy... well, let's hope you've heard the last of him. I was glad to see he survived the lunch alive. Thank goodness, he won't be back at the firm this year.

While I can see Pat's point about management concerns, I also agree with your point that qualifications can be placed on what's "appropriate." I have trouble with a veteran, who's the son of a veteran, not being able to display the American flag on appropriate occasions. I'm really getting tired of "politically correct."

I admire the gal for doing what she did. Was she totally responsible? No. Did she help in the effort? Quite possibly. More of us need to stand up and speak out on issues, perhaps? Look what the outcry did to the debit card charges... can we make a difference in other areas?

While I liked the aspects of several of the homes listed, in all cases, it appeared they were sitting very close to their neighbors. If I can see the neighbor's rooms from my own windows, they're too close (wry s). I think I'll just stay where I am for the moment.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I am so sorry your doofus is back!
But it says a lot about you that even though he is hard to deal with he still respects you!

I really didn't want my doofus back but I didn't want to be the reason so I am glad the firm recognized how much time I was spending with him.


William J. said...


I am now looking forward to tax season and before him I wasn't. I am going to try to improve my production 40%, last year it was 30% over the previous year.

Count me as another one that is sick of political correctness. I can see some things like the use of the "n" word where it comes in handy but like they always do they have taken it to far.

While the gal may not have single handedly taken down B of A she became a role model for all of us. Good for her.

It is interesting that on the house issue I am on the opposite end on one issue that you are. As I age I want the nieghbors closer.