Friday, May 11, 2012

Alarming Movies & Fruit Snacks.

Happy Friday. Need some prayers and good thoughts on my Mom's behalf. She just isn't doing real well the last few days. So say a kind word for her.

Did you ever play the prank where you set off the school's fire alarm? I never did and I never wore body spray:

A couple of days ago we talked about an article where a school sent home a six year-old for singing the words to a famous song. He was singing "I know I am sexy" to female student his age and was sent home for sexual harassment. We wondered whether the no tolerance policy was really a good one. The following article could make you come down on the no tolerance side:

For the final article of the day I had to choose one from finding the lost colony, or one about a big ass asteroid or the following article:,0,5840471.story

Comment Away.


Mary Z said...

Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Keep us posted (as I know you will).

Pat said...

Sending good wishes for your mom's improvement, Bill. We all have our up and down days, and I hope this is just one of those "down" times that will go away soon.

I never set off a fire alarm, and what the heck is "body spray" anyway?

Sixth grade porn??? Good grief! I am speechless. Also about the "real fruit" claim. I suppose there is actually some real fruit in there somewhere. They didn't say how much, did they? Does anybody believe the claims made for these kinds of things?

If the judge wants real fruit, why not eat, well, real fruit? Although I'll admit finding fruit that tastes like real fruit is getting harder and harder, unless you grow it yourself.

William J. said...

Mary Z

Thank you!

It is so good to see you here and I hope things are going well with you!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think you hit the nail on the head with Mom. Sometimes it is up and down on an hourly basis. The changes make it hard to deal with.

I have no idea what body spray is but I think it relates to tannning.

Like you I was speechles with the porn in the sixth grade classroom. That is a real head shaker.

When I eat candy, whether it is real fruit or not is that last thing that I am worried about.