Thursday, May 31, 2012

Public Relations

At Mom's until after lunch today then home to finish a work assignment. Sis does Today and Tomorrow. I do Saturday & Sunday then I am off on Monday and Tuesday. Today we are doing public relations.

First up is a celebrity that everyone kind of loved when he was on LOST. He lives in our lovely state in Bend. He was supposedly a pretty nice guy but this article takes issue with that assessment:

Speaking of bad public relations:

Speaking of good public relations. A child should teach us:

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Pat said...

Dominic Monaghan may be more loved for LORD OF THE RINGS than for LOST, which is now lost in the mists of TV That's Over Now, Thank Heavens. {g} And since I haven't heard a thing about Fox since LOST got lost, maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Who cares?

And more bad publicity for Walmart, what a surprise. This is the most loved by some/hated by others store in existence, I think. I've never been inside one so far, so except for not liking many things about their employment practices, I have no opinion.

And now a little related rant: One thing I do have an opinion on is being accosted outside grocery stores by anonymous people wanting money. Once in a while I actually know who they are: girl scouts w/cookies, who are at least going to give me something in return, Salvation Army, and actually, I would recognize the poppies. Uusually, though, they are people, often dressed in nondescript white, representing "the homeless". Are they real? Who are they? Can they give me information about their charitable activities? Do I have time to find out? I want them to GO AWAY! Even the better ones.

Nice story about the kid who won the Disneyworld vacation. I'm constantly amazed by how generous, and how inventive, some of our little kids can be.

Lady DR said...

Crumb, I see the program is back to comments at the bottom. Glad you have a couple days off and a couple more to look forward to. When does the caregiver return?

I wouldn't know Fox from a toad, so my interest in his activities and Monaghan's comments is nil. Who the heck really cares? There's a lot of other stuff to care about, a lot more important, IMHO.

People don't know what the poppies mean or what they're about? That's a sad commentary on our respect for and gratitude to the men and women who assure we sleep in our own beds at night. Bad move on Walmart's part. I didn't even leave the house Monday, so no idea if the vets were out and about around here, but it was always part of Memorial Day, to wear a poppy.

Kudos to Jason and his initiative and generosity. I'd never heard of the trading-up thing, but it sounds pretty interesting. I can only imagine how much the family appreciated his gift.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

As one of those that sold hot dogs outside a grocery store to raise money for poor grade school students to buy shoes and socks they couldn't afford you would think that I disagree with you. I don't, I agree with you. If they are selling things outside the grocery store and asking everyone that comes in the store that is just bothersome. I don't mind it if they are outside of the store if they just sit there with a sign and let the customers decide on their own fine. But mugging each customer no thank you. And what upsets me even more is the damn retailers that hit me up for contributions when I am shopping there when I checkout. I'm seriously considering inviting all the employees at the local Safeway store to a party and hit up each and everyone of them for a donation when they enter my house so they know what it LOST and will now not watch anything that has Fox in it.

Walmart is really taking it in the shorts lately. We don't have a Walmart within twenty miles of here so I rarely go to one and when I do there prices are higher than most of the places I shop. They are building two close to me and myabe that will change things a bit. One of the new ones will be a neighborhood store and one will be a normal big store.

I am always surprised about how generous kids are and if I was the group that awarded the prize I would give a second prize to the kid.


William J. said...


I wish Google would stick with one method. The caregiver returns next Thursday night and then that weekend Texas relatives visit for a week.

I was surprised that anyone didn't know what the poppies mean. Very bad move on Walmart's part, there were so many better ways to handle it. After your trip staying home on Monday doesn't surprise me!

Kids loke Jason just make me fee proud of the young kids in the world. Leaving the world to them gives me nothing but faith.


Pat said...

I can sympathize with kids selling hot dogs or lemonade for a cause, but those asking for donations for the generic "homeless" just make me suspicious along with the combination of guilt (if they're legit) and anger at their bothering me whether they are or are not. I don't like being hit up for contributions inside the store, either. I can decide who I want to contribute to and when, so leave me alone.

And while we're on the subject, I get very annoyed that when I send a donation to someone, I immediately get another mailer, sometimes a "thank you" with another envelope, sometimes just another request for more, more, more. I often think they spend more mailing things to me than I give them. I've started to keep a list so I don't accidentally donate to the same group more than once a month or two.

William J. said...


We completely agreee on donations. When we sold hot dogs outside the store at least they were getting something for their money. The store donated the space, the hot dogs, and the buns. And we had fun. It got so when we weren't there the store got asked numerous times where we were. But we never hit anyone up for a donation or stopped anyone. I think that is why we were so succressful

And nothing bothers me more when I donate to someone and send me literature after literature that has to cost them more than what I donated.