Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Day Weekend

Today. The beginning of a three day weekend. Any of you flying anywhere? Just some advise if you are, don't sit near the doors of a plane:

Of course you want to look your best if you are traveling to meet friends or relatives:

And maybe your friends or relatives don't have enough room for you to stay with them and you need a place to stay:

Have a great weekend but before you do comment away.


Pat said...

I live very close to a smallish airport, and when the planes get really loud, I do sometimes think about something from one of them falling onto me.

The "beauty" products don't resonate with me. Soap and water pretty much does it for me, and I can't imagine much improvement from any of these. It seems it would be pretty difficult to use avocado on your hair without getting any on your scalp. I wonder how they advise doing that. If I had dandruff, I might try the baking soda cure, but that's the only one that I'd try.

Of those B&Bs, I think I'd like the Oregon treehouse one best. Well, except if you had to climb a ladder to get in and out.

Y'all (everybody here) have a great long weekend!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I had never heard of doors flying open duing a flight and what would you do? It would be to dangerous to close it. They would have to land.

The beauty products didn't really resonate with me either. I am the same soap and water. And so is mom and she looks pretty good for 96.

I love the treehouse. I might even be will to climb the tree if they didn't have an elevator.

Have a great weekend!