Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bet On It

The Preakness is today. Second leg of the triple crown. I don't think there will be a triple crown winner this year because I don't even think the winner of The Kentucky Derby, I'll Have Another, will win today. Today I am going with Creative Cause but I am not betting any real money out because I learn my lesson with the Kentucky Derby.

But I'd bet on this bar tender to protect me:

But I wouldn't bet on people trusting me due to the following study:

And if I was walking at night I wouldn't bet on who was talking to me:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

The Preakness is stumping me. I looked up Zetterholm, who is named after a professor of New Testament Studies, apparently. Not for me in my "choose by the names" technique. But none of the other names grab me, either. So now to look for pix of horses...

Not much luck so far. Maybe I'll go with Cozetti since a win at 20 to 1 would be lots of fun. But since I have no money in the game, that wouldn't matter much to me. So maybe I should pick a favored horse.

But wait! Here's my dapple horse, so Creative Cause is my pick, along with you, Bill, but for probably different reasons. Here's hoping we both "win".

The bartender is a true hero. If that woman had walked home alone, she might have only lost a purse, but she might also have been the one stabbed, and possibly to death. I'm glad people are pitching in to help, and I hope he doesn't lose any more than he already has for being such a standup guy. SO happy to hear they caught the perp. Another stupid criminal, dropping his ID and parole papers at the scene. Sheesh!

Do I trust someone based on their looks? I don't think so. I don't trust anybody with money unless I know them personally or they represent a known institution. I don't even trust friends who have great stock picks or some second TD scheme to make money.

Talking lamps? Good grief! I don't walk at night unless I'm with someone I presumably am happy to talk with. Streetlamps, shut up, already!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It is a good thing we didn't bet on Creative Cause. He was in it for a while but lost it in the end. When I heard the back story of the jockey I wanted Creative Cause to win even more. His brother was killed in an accident early that morning and stayed on the ride to honor his brother.

Now I am rooting for I'll Have Another to win the triple crown because I didn't think we would see that in our lifetime.

I am really glad that the bartender is getting help from others. He deserves it and doesn't deserve to lose anymore than he has.

I think I trust people based on their reputation and their history with me and not on llooks.

My reaction to talking lamps was the same as you, not needed not wanted. I kind of think they would scare me.