Sunday, May 20, 2012


Creative Cause finished third in The Preakness so Pat and I had it wrong but were at list in the money. I'll Take Another won the second leg of the Triple Crown. There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner in thirty-four years so I am officially rooting for I'll Have Another from here on out. The name comes from when the owner's wife would ask him if he wanted a cookie and he would reply, "I'll have another." Here is a recap of the Preakness:

Life is often a roller coaster:

First there were snakes in Walmart, now this:

A brief update. Last week Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Mom's. Thursday a four hour seminar on ethics and how CPAs can innocently establish a Fiduciary duty without knowing. Friday and Saturday were resting an taking care of a wound on my leg.

This week Today lunch and dinner for Mom and the caregiver. Tomorrow the going away party for Amy. Really going to miss her. Tuesday a meeting with the guys that bought my business. Wednesday and Thursday at Mom's. Friday a day to do Bill things. Finally.

Before closing I want everyone here to pray, send good thoughts and vibes, that Voldemort goes into hiding or completely disappears.

The blog is now yours. Update me your lives, vent, share the need for prayers and good thoughts for relatives and friends, or just Comment Away.


Pat said...

We may not have won, but we had the prettiest horse. Maybe next time. What's the third one? The Belmont? We have one more chance to win this year. Just looked it up and it's June 9th.

Or maybe we should both root for I'll Have Another, since we haven't had a triple crown horse in a while. I'll give it some thought and hope we're not the kiss of death for our choices.

I am definitely NOT a roller coaster fan. I watched the video, and it only enhanced my feelings about staying away from coasters.

Ah, another reason to keep WalMart out of our little town. Satanic symbols applied by mechanics. Sheesh! How weird is that!

Your seminar actually sounds interesting. Well, a little bit. A CPA can establish fiduciary duty without knowing it?

Sorry to hear you still have that leg thing. Is it the same one you've been fighting for a while? Begone, leg wound!!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The Belmont is the next one in the triple crown and it is three weeks from last Saturday. While I love Creative Cause I am going to root for I'll Have another because if he wins the Triple Crown it will be the last one in our lifetimes.

The only way I am getting on a roller coast is if I am drugged or drunk.

Satanic symbols are enough to make me stay out of Walmart not because I am afraid or or believe in satan it is because their employees attention isn't on my car it is on their beliefs.

CPAs represent the public in attestion services like audits of publically held companies. You do no represent Enron for example, you represent the U.S. and representing what is best for the public often creates fiduciary relationships you are not aware of it.

This is a different problem with the same leg. Different area of it. But it looks to be improving.