Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Minor Vent

One more night at Mom's then a couple of days off and back to Mom's for Saturday and Sunday. The caregiver told mom two weeks ago she was going to be gone next weekend. Nobody seemed interested in telling me until last night. It is just such a pleasure not to be told things that effect my life and to be taken for granted. I'll get over it.

Speaking of the elderly here is one that can laugh at danger:

Want to make your home healthier? Here are some tips as how to get there:

Did you ever really look at the money in your purse or wallet?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Oh, yes, I hate it when people don't let me know when I'll be required to do something. It doesn't actually happen any more, or extremely rarely, but I remember well the feeling. And the urge to throttle somebody.

That 80 year-old is a lot braver than I am. I wouldn't have been up there in the first place, and after that first experience, I sure wouldn't go back. Or ride in a race car, either.

I love candles, esp. scented ones, but I read somewhere that some of the wicks release bad stuff into the room air. I forget just what bad stuff. I burn them anyway, but not constantly. My fridge is such a mess that I'd never find the junk food stashed at the back. Which is probably a good thing.

And there's that dreaded "e" word again! It follows me just to make me feel guilty.

I do occasionally look at and reorganize the bills in my wallet. But only in terms of denomination. I don't look for secret messages, and somehow don't find them. Go figure.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

With me it seems to be happening a lot because they just don't seem to get it. The only thing that is going to register with them when they don't tell me if I take off on a vacation and then they are left to figure it out on their own. And it is coming to that.

I'm with you. Now way am I skydiving, although the race car thing does interest me a bit.

Not only do candles sometimes release bad stuff into the air they are sometimes a fire hazard.

I always organize my bills my denomination and once in a while I do see if there are any secret messages on them.


Lady DR said...

Dear goodness, what's with these people. What part of "Bill has a life" do they not get. I agree - a short vacation may be what it takes to awaken them to reality.

Kudos to the lady and the sky diving, although I wouldn't do it and I'm younger than she is!

The healthier home thing was interesting. Had no idea vanilla could have an impact on appetite. Most of the stuff I already do, so am in good shape.

As to looking for messages on bills in my purse -- I'm just happy to have some there!

William J. said...


The only way they are going to get it is if I do something drastic. When I try to tell them what would have happened if I had something planned the response is "I would have stayed alone" which is bull and puts the pressure on my sister and doesn't solve the problem of them not telling me. It doesn't even recognize a problem exists. I am just going to have to schedule something and if they do it to me again take off.

I wouldn't sky dive either and if my safety chute didn't work I am dying of a heart attack.

There was a lot about the home article I didn't know.

As to the bills, I just like looking at them ever since I was a jury trial that had to do with counterfeiting.


Mary said...

You have a standing invitation to come visit me anytime you need to use it!

William J. said...


I was going over some old pictures and I found a lot from the time the group visited your house. It was just a beautiful area. So I would love to visit there again.