Monday, May 7, 2012


Looking forward to getting a lot done this week with only one night and two days at Mom's. Today is a combination of running errands, cleaning house, and yard work.

Last night I watched the finals of The Amazing Race and the winners were Army couple Dave and Rachel. During the show there was an advertisement about auditions for the Amazing Race really close to where I live. Big Al's is the place all of us guys go to on Sunday mornings during football season. If any locals want to try out for The Amazing Race here is the information:

As surprised as I was how close the auditions for the Amazing Race were to my house I was even more surprised at the statistics in the following article:

I kind of always assumed an affair would kill most marriages, I know if I was married it would kill mine, but the article says most couples stay together.

We talked about the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Here is a behind the scenes look at what was going on that day at Churchill Downs:

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Pat said...

It sounds as though you'll be busy even without too much time at your mom's place.

I think I'll pass on trying out for Amazing Race. How about you?

I think a longstanding and generally good marriage can survive an affair, depending on how long and how emotional and oh, lots of other questions, too, but maybe. The multiple affairs the article talked about would sure kill any marriage of mine.

Oh, my! Not enough our horses lost the race, now there's a murder at the track! This is getting a little too exciting.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

With sis gone I got behind at home so had a lot to do around the house.

I may go watch the audition but I sure in the heck am not trying out for the show. I'd freak out if I had to jump off of a building.

I am not sure I could get by even one affair but multiple affairs now way.

I was kind of surprised aabout the murder at Churchill Downs, had I been there it would have scared me.