Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dancing Towards Investments

This is why I like Dancing With The Stars. Every season there is an unforgettable performance. The singing and the dancing are just stunning:


Remember that William is a contestant not a professional dancer.

Looking for an investment? I have just the thing for you:


The good thing about the town for sale is that it didn't appear on the following list:


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Pat said...

Very pretty. Jackie has grown up some. They do that so quickly. Nice job with the dancing, too, though I have to say the combination of the Viennese waltz and the Ave Maria ("romance", according to judge Carrie Ann. Romance??? The Ave Maria???) was a bit weird.

Who is William? What is he a celebrity for? I haven't been watching this season. He did a nice job. I hear everyone is pretty good this time around.

Buy a town? In Georgia? I haven't been to the state, let alone the town, but I think I'll probably pass. They don't give us an asking price, which is a bad sign.

Not likely to visit any of the 10 worst cities for women. Well, I suppose Redding is possible. Redding??? The slide show got a little bollixed for me, but I think I got most of the ones to avoid. No problem.

Lady DR said...

Working backwards... Springfield IL surprised me. Fairbanks and Anchorage didn't, nor did most of the others, altho I know zilch about Redding CA. I'm hoping Lawton OK is waaaay off my beaten bath to AZ!

Hmmm, buy a town. Interesting idea and I think selling a town has been tried before. Wonder where it is and what it's close to. Wouldn't it be fun to have the money and develop it into an arts colony for writers, painters, sculptors and crafters?

I have no idea who William is nor who Jackie of the powerful voice is, but thank you for sharing the clip. William sure looked like a pro out there on the floor! What fun.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

William Levy is a Cuban actor/model voted sexiest man alive by ultimate fan:


Jackie has gotten even better and I thought as she got older she might lose her voice.

The dancing on DWTS this years has been incredible. An interesting note is one of the best dancers is an opera singer that has sung with Jackie Evancho before. They are good friends. Her name is Kathrine Jenkins.

We used to go to Redding California a lot, they had drag racing there and it was only a couple of hour drive from Klamath Falls where we lived.

I have only been to an airport in Atlanta so buying a town there might not be the best idea!


William J. said...


Most of the towns on the list surprised me. I also hope Lawton is way off the beaten path as you go on your trip!

What a great idea to have a town and develop it into an arts colony for writers, painters, sculptors and crafters. I'd even invest in it.

See my not to Pat about who William is. Jackie is an opera singer that finished second on America's Got Talent when she was ten years old. She now has two alblums out. She is now 12.


Pat said...

I did watch part of the results show last night, and was very impressed with Derek and whoever his contestant is. Partly it was because I love that particular piece of music. A theme from Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet ballet. I thought they did a great job and so did the judges with three 10s. I was glad they got to stay.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Derek's partner is amazing and is the hostess of Inside Addition. She has been battling injuries all season and was injured enough that the doctor didn't want her to dance. You couldn't even tell she was injured.

I was classical night Monday night so there was some Broadway Play music on every dance. Derek got the top score with 30, then there were three tied at 27. Just amazing dancing. Melissa Gilbert should have gone home.