Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Fired!

Heading out for a blood test this morning then maybe a movie. I don't think I will be stopping by Wal-Mart today or anytime in the near future. First, the closest one is about fifteen miles away. Second:

I have only been fired from one job in my life. My second job out of college. It was for one of the then Big 8 accounting firms. It was the early seventies when the big firm had increased their staff by thirty percent expecting an economic boom. Instead the economy tanked. I'd been there about ten months. I was working out in the field. I was an auditor then. I was working at a hospital in Lakewood, California when I got a call to come into the office. They told since I was the last one hired, I got to be the first one fired. I looked at the clock. It ten minutes to two. I asked, "when is this effective?". "Two O'clock. But we would like to ask you a question before you leave." "OK" "How do you think we can get along better with the staff?" I laughed. I was fine with leaving the firm, didn't like it and was handling it pretty well until I walked out the door and the receptionist was crying. Yup the women that hadn't spoken two words to me in the ten months I was there was bothered by my leaving. Speaking of bad firings, could it get any worse than the following:

And sometimes what you say to a co-worker can get you fired. So here are some hints:

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Pat said...

My, my! Rattlesnakes at Walmart, who knew? There's quite a movement to keep them out of our town, so maybe they can cite that as one reason.

Firing the guy for finding and turning in the gun is just plain stupid. I hope his union wins out and gets his job back. And a raise.

Embarrassing a co-worker for taking a text while in a meeting is deserved, so I wouldn't worry about it.

I used to get asked #2 or a variation: "Got a date tonight?" when I came to work dressed more nicely than usual. A little annoying, but not awful. The other ones are icky and I wouldn't touch any one of them with the proverbial ten foot pole.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Fortunately we don't have rattlesnakes here but if I saw one in any store I went into I'd freak out.

I agree that firing the guy for turning in the gun and the reason for it just plain stupid.

And I agree if a co-worker took a text during a meeting she or he deserves what she gets.

I used to get "why aren't you married," and it was embarassing.