Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Looking forward to a productive day and dinner with the family tonight. My time with Mom while sis was gone was a success. Speaking of successes:


From dumpster diving to living the dream. Good for her.

We all know the actor Dustin Hoffman and I think we can say he is a success. Not only as an actor:


Closing with an usual way to successfully warm the earth:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Always happy to hear of a successful (and non-stressful) time with mom. {s}

Some rags-to-riches story! Who would have thought mat board house pins would take off and be so successful? And who'd have looked to Dustin Hoffman as a lifesaver? He did what anyone should do, and it's only notable because of who he is, but good for him anyway, I say.

I saw the dinosaur flatulence story in the paper this morning. I'm assuming the effect is over after many millions of years, but hey, they may have given us a start on what we're experiencing now, who knows? Apparently we are doing more harm today than all their flatulence back then.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

As I will be leaving for Mom's before noon I am hoping for another successful time at Mom's.

I really liked the rags to riches story. It was surprising on so many levels. I also liked that Dustin Hoffman did the right thing.

I wasn't aware of the flatuence story until I saw it on the Internet. I am going to try not to do my share for global warming.